[2019] ModelNatalya94 – Memories about summer. Video 3 from JULY 23

In this scat group video, our memories. It was a beautiful summer and we didn’t walk in nature many times, and we didn’t add all the videos to the store right away. We hoped that in the cold winter, you will be pleased to see our walks in the warm sunshine. In this video you will see the walk of Yana, Karolina and Tatiana. The girls went out into nature, took off their dresses and stayed in shorts alone. They walked a bit and then each of them punched up in their panties and wrote. Then they walked with shit in their underpants and took them off, the girlfriends sniffed and even tried to shit each other out of their underpants. Here is a video was shot in the summer and now we present it to you for viewing)

Starring: ModelNatalya94 aka VipModelNata
Genres: Scat, Piss, Lesbian, Outdoors, Eat shit, Pantypooping, Smearing, FHD
True Release Date and Year: JULY 232019


[2018] ModelNatalya94 – We love to massage each other (FHD-1080p / 1,13 Gb)

StarringModelNatalya94 (aka VipModelNata)
Genres: Scat, Piss, Diarrhea, Lesbian, Smearing
Release Date: 2018

I asked Olga to give me a massage, Olga agreed. I fully undressed and lay down on the bed, Olga came to me first, Olga rinsed my nipples on his chest, and then asked to spread her legs and slid under his belly and started to caress my hairy pussy with her tongue. I lie on my back and Olga caresses me, I’m just very excited, at this point I touch myself nipples on his chest. Olga played with my hairy pussy and told me to just lay on her back, Olga stood up and turned to me ass, and I see that out of her ass starts to go shit, Olga, shit on me. Yes, I just did not expect, on my naked and excited body pile of shit? Olga to sit down and begins to nasasyvat shit in my body chest, belly, pussy. She does it so well, completely covering my naked body with their shit. My nipples on the chest is also in the shit right now, they will burst from excitement, Olga continues to make me a massage and rastirat his shit all over my body. Olga asks me to I also gave her the massage, we switch places and I sit down at Olga, and begin to caress the chest of Olga, Olga asks me to do her dirty massage, I get up turn to Olga’s ass and piss and shit on the naked body of Olga. After I went to the toilet on naked body Olga I sit on my knees beside her and begin to smear shit on the body of Olga, Breasts, nipples, breast, belly and pussy, I smeared by shit, Olga and I are all shit and very happy from what we do…


ModelNatalya94 – Dirty lesbian show from three girls [1.31 Gb – FHD]

Four girls, Olga, Tatiana, Alice and Caroline arranged for you dirty lesbian show where the girls first caress each other, after fondling girls shit and piss on each other, smear the shit body with his arms each other again, and begin to caress each other licking their own shit off each other’s bodies. You like to watch when girls shit on each other, after which they smear shit on each other’s bodies, girls are all in shit and they really like it when their naked bodies are used as their own toilet. We hope that you will enjoy this video and we will continue the cycle of videos in this direction.

STARRINGOlga, Tatiana, Alice and Caroline from ModelNatalya94

RELEASED: 4 of August 2018

GENRES: Scat, Piss, Lesbian, Eat shit, Smearing


KatyaKASS – Allocate shit like a dog (Scat, Piss, Solo) 29 of June 2018

On all fours, I get the shit on my feet, my shit slides to my feet. First I peed, of course, described my legs, and then I took a shit. I’m a naked sexy girl, putting my hair in a bunch of poop like a dog. Posing for the camera about shit, I am with a beautiful makeup and with a beautiful shit. I fart a lot a lot of very loud fart. It turned out a beautiful clip. My shit has turned out to be small lumps since I haven’t slept in two days. Here they are my goat poop, that is, like a goat. I’m a beautiful girl beautifully excrete shit. Relief.

StarringKatya KASS

Released: 29 of June 2018