MistressGaia – ACHING BALLS & SCAT LUNCH [1,01 Gb / 1080p]

You will kneel before me as I sit on my throne. I’m going to give you specific instructions as I prepare you. Firstly, it is important to understand how fortunate you are to be beneath me as I begin. You are allowed to take out you cock but don’t touch it without my permission. I will tease you and make you suffer until you are desperate to cum. I begin with a little striptease. As I remove my stockings, I can see in your eyes you would like to touch me. I continue until my beautiful body is naked. I am going to prepare a delicious lunch for you. So I piss in a bottle, and shit in your little lunchbox. However, as my slave your going to have to perform a task for me. You will get some cord and tie it tightly around you balls until they change colour, preferably purple. Then you will get a wooden spoon or similar, and beat you balls at least (forty times) until they ache. Only after that time, you may open your lunch box, and pee bottle. You now have my permission to cum. How fortunate a slave you are to have this experience with Mistress Gaia.

Starring: MistressGaia
Genres: Scat, Piss, Big Pile, Solo, Smearing, Fetish, Indoor, FHD-1080p
True Release Date/Year:unknown


[2019] Mistress Gaia – DESIGNER SHIT (1,38 Gb) Made in Italy by the way ;)

I just arrived back from a trip, and my slave has been in the dungeon all weekend waiting for me to arrive. I’m going to get him to clean my shoes, and if he does it properly I’ll give him a reward. I’m a little tired so he had better not test my patience. We begin as he gets on his nkees and I tell him to start licking. He quite a good bitch and seems to understand that I’m very particular about the way a slave performs when licking my shoes. They must use their tongue to maximum affect. After he’s finished licking, a quick inspection shows he’s done a satisfactory job. It’s time for his reward, I tell him he’s going to enjoy the luxury of eating my shit, and drinking my piss. I remove my sheos and jeans, and get him to lie on his back and smell the aroma of my beautifull feet. Then I tell him to prepare, as I sit over him and dump my shit in his mouth and face. What a lucky slut he is. I put on my rubber gloves, and place some of the shit from his face onto his chest. There is enough to write the initial letter G… What a beautiful design my shit makes, as I then tell him to eat all of it and lick his fingers making sure doesn’t waste any. I now need to pee, so I tell my bitch to open his mouth and be ready to enjoy washing down his favourite meal. I sit over him with the funnel in his mouth, and give him a good drink as he swallows and enjoys my amber nectar. Finally, I leave him to digest the delights of his savoury meal from Mistress Gaia…

StarringMistress Gaia
GenresTakefile, Scat, Piss, Panty, Domination, Smearing, Eat shit, Indoors
Release Date: 2019