2019 ModelNatalya94 – Memories of summer (Video 2) 1,02 Gb in FHD-1080p

Hello our dear and loyal fans and fans from www.copro.pw. Today we will bring to you again our memories as we spent this summer. The four of us decided to go into nature and do our favorite dirty things there. I, Caroline, Alice and Tatiana bought a cake, fruit and went to the prrod. There we were divided into pairs by me and Caroline and Alice and Tatiana. We kissed, caressed each other. Tatiana and Caroline smeared our breasts with cream from the cake and then licked it out of our boobs))) Alice had just her monthly periods and she wrapped her white panties until Tatiana took them off. Then Caroline and Tatyana used rubber phaloimmiters and fucked Alice and me. Carolina fucked me, made me a cunnilingus, then put a phalos in the anal and continued to fuck me. Then Carolina nasrat me on the stomach and used my poop as food, she took a pear smeared shit and so she ate and gave me to eat a pear with her poop.Tatyana and Alice also played their game, Alice ran her blood during the month and Tatyana licked it . Then Alice became a cancer and nasrala Tatiana in the hand. Tatiana put poop on Alice’s belly and ate a little too. Carolina masturbated and I could not resist and was squirt, just as Alice wrote during how Tatiana masturbated her pussy. In general, we had a very good time on this day. We ate a cake and ate fruit and had fun with each other. We hope you enjoy our film about our memories)) Those wonderful people who just decided to get acquainted with our work are welcome to visit our store and take some time to watch our videos. I hope you will find a lot of good and interesting videos for yourself, which we shot earlier! Thank you for staying with us and come to visit us always! Love you )

Starring: ModelNatalya94
Genres: Scat, Piss, Lesbian, Panty, Outdoor, Dildo, Smearing, FHD-1080p
True Release Date and Year: 2019


[2019] Columbian Scat Amateur By Top Model Nayra 18 Years Old [2,84 Gb] FHD

Sexy 18 years old Nayra in her first movie ever. She is realy a skinny top model with amazing tattoos on her sexy skinny body. Her little sweet pussy and her also little tight asshole to see when her hot pee and her good smelling shit is comming out of these amazing holes, is rare to see. She also pee in her hand and drink it after, without it was told to her. She make in this movie 5 different solo shit and solo pee scenes, and all of them are hot! So if you like to see hot and sexy skinny top model girls to shit solo and pee solo, then for sure you should see that sexy babe Nayra from columbia, and enjoy it!

Starring: Nayra
Genres: Scat, Piss, Fisting, Solo, Outdoor, Smearing, Compilation, Indoors, 1080p
True Release Date and Year: 2019


Natasha Grof and Emilia – Diarrhea Sealed Mouth – Black Diarrhea (1,05 Gb / FHD)

After we get such a good response from our first sealed mouth scat movie and a lot of request to do more of them – here the new movie is. Diarrhea Sealed Mouth Black Diarrhea. Top Girl Emilia and Natasha Grof in our newest movie. The story is a love story with a lot of pee and around 4 times diarrhea. The actress REALLY drunk castor oil ( rizinus oil ) because she liked to make big Scat for us. Natasha real swallow the stuff!! So lets see if this film will be such a good like the first one.

Starring: Natasha Grof and Emilia
Genres: Scat, Piss, Spit, Big Pile, Lesbian, Outdoor, Domination, Smearing, 1080p, Fetish, Takefile
True Release Year: unknown


[2018] Milana Smelly – Born to devour female shit! (1,14 Gb) HD-720p

This unique outdoors scat video – a toilet slave accidentally spat urine on the ass of Christina’s mistress !!! Panties and jeans of Christina’s mistress were wet – Christina was angry !! Amina did not visit the toilet – 4 days! A huge piece of shit fell to the ground and she shoved a dirty, big piece of shit in the mouth of the toilet slave and made him swallow! Girls closed his nose to him – he had to swallow fast – he only got air through his mouth! It was one of the hardest days in a slave’s life, but to serve the girls is the meaning of his life!…

Starring: Milana Smelly also known as Poo19.com
Genres: Scat, Piss, Spit, Group, Domination, Outdoor, Eat shit, Smearing
True Release Date: 2018


[unknown release date] Solo Scat Girls – Jessica Diamond (1,51 Gb)

A solo scat movie with an amateur model who was never seen in porn before. She was on holiday in Gran Canaria and needed some money. She liked the idea of making solo scat and pee scenes. Really beautiful girl with fantastic big shit coming out of her little asshole. It was amazing to make the shoot with her and we have got a lot of nice shit and pee scenes. So enjoy the movie with her because it’s the only one she will ever do. This solo scat movie is incredible thanks to her pretty ass and round breasts. This inked, blonde girl is a hottie so don’t miss this amateur video if you like young women. Her shit and piss are also very beautiful…

Starring: Jessica Diamond
Genres: Scat, Piss, Shit, Solo, Outdoor, Smearing
Release Date: unknown