[2019] ModelNatalya94 – Yana shits in leather pants (June 12) 786 MB / FHD-1080p

Yana went to the toilet and lit a cigarette, Yana was wearing leather pants, Yana ran a hand down his pants and started to caress her cunt, Yana smokes a cigarette and Masturbates, smoked a cigarette Yana turns booty to the camera and takes off his pants, showing you my clean ass , then again Yana wears them and starts to shit in his leather pants. Oh yeah so much crap was inside the leather pants. Yana again turns his ass to the camera and takes off his pants, all the ass and leather pants in the shit, Yana again puts them on the ass and to sit on the toilet. And again he sticks his hand and starts to masturbate her cunt. Yana loves to experiment and she bought these leather trousers especially for you.

Starring: ModelNatalya94 – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/vipmodelnata/
Genres: Scat, Piss, Solo, Pantypooping, Smearing, Fetish, Scat 2019, Indoors, 1080p
True Release Date/Year: June 12 – 2019


NEWEST [2019] ModelNatalya94 – Surprise in leggings and a closet (JUNE 12) 1013 Mb / FHD-1080p

Olga came into the room and opened the wardrobe and began looking for his pants, she wanted to change clothes and go to the store, Olga got the first one pants, no, not that, then the other, again not then, and several times she had taken from the wardrobe of pants, eventually Olga made their choice and wore a white shirt. When Olga wore leggings and shoes from the wardrobe appeared Yana, as Yana then tell Olga she was sitting in the closet and waited in a room change will come Olga. Yana was wearing black leather pants, Yana and Olga began to fill with crap your leggings and leather pants at a time. At first it did and then Olga and Yana. Yana Olga show you her beautiful ass, taking pants and leather jeans, and wearing them again. At the end of the video Yana has climbed in the closet and began again to wait for Olga.

Starring: ModelNatalya94
Genres: Scat, Piss, Huge Dump, Lesbian, Pantypooping, Smearing, Indoors, 1080p
True Release Date/Year: June 12 – 2019


VipmodelNata – All the shit, shit head on down (546 Mb / FullHD)

Love very dirty things especially when my shit and my piss smeared on my body . In this video you will see how I piss and shit upside down , and then smear the feces on your body , liberally covering parts of his body…

Starring: VipmodelNata
Genres: Scat, Piss, Diarrhea, Solo, Smearing
True Release Date and Year: unknown


[2018] ModelNatalya94 – Olga Fucks Yana and a mouth full of crap Yana (1,18 Gb / Full HD)

Olga loves to fuck Yana with the strap-on in the ass. At this time Yana and Olga is so missed each other, Olga was away for some time. Yana started to caress to kiss his beloved girlfriend Olga about how sweet she is caressing tongue nipples, Olga, Yana and then descends lower and lower, and takes it into his playful mouth strap-on Oh how she loves to suck it. Yana takes in mouth, strap on, Oh yeah her lips slide over him. Olga deploys Yana and puts cancer on his knees. And enters her ass strap on about how sweet Stoney Yana receiving the sea of pleasure from the fact that she has it in her asshole, what a sweet anus Yana, she pushed the strap on all glowie and deeper, her anus wants to completely immerse strapon. Yana loves anal sex. Olga again razvorachivaet Yana and gives her strapon to suck that shit, Yana loves to have anal sex when her asshole is full of shit. Yana sucks a strap-on, but in that moment, when her lips slide over the strap-on, ass Yana comes out crap, big pile of fresh hot shit. Oh yeah Yana is not shy and shows you its beauties, and as she shit during Blowjob. She had a lot of fun from what Yana shit a pile of shit. She put Ian on his back and she took off the strap on. And stood over Yana legs spread, Yana opened her mouth and Olga Yana began to shit right in the mouth. Oh, how sweet it is. Then Olga sits ass on Yana mouth where a lot of shit and forces Ian to give her analingus, Yana has a mouth full of crap but she still caresses your tongue dirty shit anus Olga…

Starring: ModelNatalya94
Genres: Scat, Piss, Lesbian, Strapon, Domination, Eat shit, Smearing, Indoors, 1080p
True Release Year: 2018


[2018] ModelNatalya94 – Liquid shit out porcelain vases (1,19 Gb) FHD-1080p

Olga and Yana I love to experiment. This time the girls arranged lesbian show, Oh yeah Ian is caressing pussy of Olga language and then injects her cunt with a rubber cock, Olga gets a lot of pleasure from the fact that it makes Yana, then the girls change places, and now Yana lay on the floor and widely spread their legs and Olga began to caress Jana’s pussy, then Olga introduces Yana in pussy rubber cock on and fucking Yana like a whore. Then Olga takes the crystal vase and starts to shit and piss in it, the vase is gradually filled with shit and urine, after Olga was the turn of Yana. Yana also began to fill with piss and shit vase, then Yana and Olga began drinking from a vase, as warmly and beautifully, and then she was dumped from the bowl the shit in his mouth, and gave the vase to Olga Olga also dumped from the bowl itself shit in your mouth. Olga and Yana I love to experiment and shoot for you extreme videos. Any of you can do Zach for filming the video clip on your scenario. We are ready to perform almost everything. Learn more about our offer when communicating.

Starring: ModelNatalya94 also known as VipModelNata
Genres: Scat, Piss, Diarrhea, Lesbian, Eat shit, Dildo, Smearing
True Release Date: 2018