Scathunter – “Make Scat Great Again!” (Raquel For Big Booty President)

Title: Make Scat Great Again! (Raquel For Big Booty President)
Cast: Raquel and
Genre: Scat, Piss, Big shit, Female Domination with shit, Smearing
Duration: 00:20:20

So in this video Raquel is back doing a solo…without a mask. As you can see she is absolutely gorgeous and incredibly attractive. She is the type of girl when you get the chance to eat, you eat as much as you can!!! She starts off voicing her innermost thoughts and fantasies. She shows up on a date with a full asshole totally hoping to explode her scat into my mouth. She gets on her knees and asks me totally straight forward if I would eat her poop. I have to admit I totally love this girl, and shooting this scene was fucking HOT. Her asshole is so big and tasty and her shit tasted incredible. She mixed in some cake with her own scat in a bowl and literally spoon fed me her entire load. She really was getting off on this and super horny as well, her pussy was dripping wet. I honestly could barely contain myself, looking into her big brown eyes as she sucked my cock and I swallowed her shit, at the same time, was enough to make any man blow their fucking load!!! If there was an office held for scat, I would cast my vote her way. She single handily has helped make scat great again by voicing her inner most wants, allowing them to play out, and showing her face not giving a single fuck!!! The joy and excitement we get from scat play is incomparable, and the joy you will get from watching her will help revitalize your love for scat!!! That is a campaign promise!!! Make Scat Great Again!!! Raquel For Big Booty President!!! Enjoy this…Cheers!!!


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