PrincessPuckie – Mommys Massive Shit Snack


Title: Mommys Massive Shit Snack
Cast: Princess Puckie
Genre: Scat, Diarrhea, Spit, Big shit, Solo, Smearing
Duration: 00:05:00

So it was like 10o’clock at night and I had just finished eating most of my takeout, brussel sprouts and a persimmon kale salad. I realized that I had a giant shit pressing against my butthole about to burst out of me but instead of running to the toilet I ran to set up my camera because I KNEW it was gonna be a shitshow!! I didn’t have time to set a plastic sheet down or anything so I just grabbed the rest of my salad and as soon as I started to bend over this THICK SLIMY SNAKE JUST JIZZED OUT OF ME! Seriously some slinky looking shit like real sausage like but soft and like a massive tube of frosting gushing out of me with a fat SPLOOOSH! There was so much of it some of it flung out of the food tray lol. I show off the huge fat dump and spread it around with my fork and talk about how good it smells! What a nice snack for you! You should be healthy, this is so full of vitamins and minerals and my waste. I turn back around to show off that I haven’t wiped and not only do I have a pretty stinky yellowy greeny butterfly poo print to show off, you can literally see drops of cum hanging in and out of my pussy because I had just cum right before this! I wink my ass and it farts a bit, I spread and talk dirty and wiggle my bum in your face. I turn back to face you to play some more with my food. It smells amazing, so rich and succulent I want a lil nibble! Is that bad? I was gonna save this for you but I’m getting hungry. I spit into my shit salad and stick my tongue out and get a tiny lick of shit and greens on my tongue and swallow it down. I keep picking up big forkfuls of it and then I switch gears! It’s 3:33min and I realize I want to do some roleplay and I’m feeling a lot like your mommy who wants you to grow up healthy and strong. I coerce you into eating my poo because I miss being close to you…I choo choo trainfuls of poo into your mouth and praise you for being a good boy!


Princess Puckie – Sch00lgirl Shitter (FHD-1080p / 826 Mb)

Sch00lgirl Wiggles Her Saucy Bum and Teases You On the Couch With Her Bare Ass. She gets close to you to let a couple Airy farts rip which opens her Stinky Starfish Right Up For Delicately Compacted and Dark Poo to Slowly Peek and Drop Out.

She Shits Them On Her Sch00l Notebook and Then Brings Her Perfect Lil Turds Up to Her Nose ….. She Loves It! Omg the Smell is So Rank and Ripe and Lovely. The Smell of Her Own Shit Turns Her On. She Gets You Even Closer Right Up to Her Asshole for Some Juicy Farts, A Snail Trail of Glistening Brown Around Her Hole Beckons You ……..


[2019] Princess Puckie – Big Farty Dump in Leggings (919 mb)

These tights are so clean! So new and fresh, just washed…I wonder what would happen if I released my rank butthole on them?? I start bellowing out big farts and bubbly toots as I shove my beautifully clad ass in your face. Shiny black leggings so tight on my body as I slowly move my butt back and forth full frame in the camera. The focus is on my ass and upper thighs in the tights for the first 7 minutes (with three quick teasing reveals of my gorgeous bare ass, twice as it farts) as I talk dirty and run my hands along my butt. About 3 minutes in I start talking about the shit backed up inside me and how bad I want to unleash a huge dump in these tights! “I’m such a dirty, dirty girl making a mess, I can’t help myself, I want to trash these leggings! God that would be so hot having a steamy pile of shit fall out of my butt! Wouldn’t that be so sexy? I just want the stink to cling all over me, dripping in my own rankness.” “Are you ready for the big stink? It’s definitely gonna be a big, fat one! I love how my ass talks to you, it wants to release. Omg I can’t stop farting… lil burps from my butthole!” Around the 7minute mark I dump a huge load in my leggings! But you can’t see it until I reach in my leggings and pull it out from my butt! It’s a MASSIVE SOFT DUMP I smear ALLL over my spandexed ass as I swear and talk filthy. Then I slowly take my leggings off my butt and spread my bare poopy butt cheeks for you, they’re SO COATED in RICH DARK POO.. You watch my asshole wink open up to reveal a bit more poop and then I pee! “I made such a poopy mess!!” I finally bend over all the way to smile at the camera and say goodbye.

Featuring over 30 farts and toots, destroyed black spandex tights, huge dump, dirty talk, asshole winking and gorgeous close-ups…

StarringPrincess Puckie
Genres: Scat, Piss, Fetish, Farts, Leggins, Solo, Smearing
Release Date: 2019


[2019] PrincessPuckie – Stepsister Shits On You (Full-HD-1080p / 778,48 Mb)

StarringPrincess Puckie
Genres: Scat, Big shit, Fisting, Solo, Panty poop, Smearing
Release Date14 of February 2019

I’m your older stepsister and I just got out of bed in the morning and I’m in the bathroom taking a shit. I think I’m alone, so I leave the door slightly open (enough for you to see me). I hear a noise and see you. I pretend to freak the fuck out and ask you what the fuck you’re doing there. I want to punish you so I think about it for a sec….I know exactly how to teach you a lesson…I’m gonna give you what you were trying to see in the first place. I notice your dick is getting harder and I call you out for it. I flush without wiping and force you to follow me into my bedroom….I’m getting kind of into this now. I tell you to take your dick out (you have a nice dick and I’m surprised for a perv like you to have a nice one!) I start fingering my asshole and playing with it, I pull some shit out and tease you with it. I smell my shitty finger and talk dirty about it. I tell you that I haven’t showered today and I got all the juices from the previous night. I fart a bit and stick my pussy into your face and talk bout how rank it smells. I feel the big shit is coming on and I have to finish what I started… I put my shitty ass in your face and shit on you! I push a heavy load out and my dump plops on you while I talk dirty to my lil stepbrother. I want you to cum now so I keep spreading and get really close and beg you to blow your load…. you cum hard all over my shit!


[2019] Princess Puckie – Desperate to Dump It (FHD / 1,18 Gb)

StarringPrincess Puckie
Genres: Scat, Big shit, Fisting, Solo, Toys, Smearing
Release Date: 15 of February 2019

“I really have to poop, I have to really really poop!!” as I stick a bic pen in my asshole and swear. “Oh my god it’s gonna press against the poop, it’s like nudging up on the shit in me! This pen might be the only thing keeping that packed log up in there right now.” I smile and giggle and talk about how badly I need to shit and how it’s gonna look when it comes out. My toes wriggle and I crinkle my soles as I start losing control a bit, I don’t know what to do! I don’t know how to keep my dookie in, this is so hard! I twirl the pen and keep talking dirty and smiling and losing control more and more, breathing heavy as I get more desperate and make a little less sense with how I talk….I get more and more horny, my pussy’s wet and I’m so ready. At around 9min in I slowly pull the pen out and let my butthole pucker and stretch. I wink it again and again so many times as my poo starts to peek out of me, nudging against my asshole, showing its dirty brown eye as it appears and disappears. I start whining and moaning as I TRY SO HARD to keep the dookie in, as I prairie dog over and over. I can’t even think! My mind is mush, all I can think about is how desperate I am to hold this dookie in and how badly I want to let it loose! The turtle head gets BIGGER and BIGGER as I get closer and closer to releasing my fat dookie. It finally sludges out so fucking thick and fat and long. It was so intense I immediately say it felt like an orgasm. One of my biggest best poos yet and I was so damn happy about it…