2018 4k Ultra HD LoveRachelle – Speculum Piss, Groundhogging Shit & Hard Fucking [1.73 Gb / 2160p]

Start out with some dirty talk sexy lingerie. Tell me what you’ve eaten the 24 hours beforehand. Lay on your back, legs spread up in air, close up of speculum in pussy to open it up while peeing, show close-ups, fill the camera. Then lean forward on a chair or table, close up of ass filling up camera pooping onto floor, any chance for a little ground hogging too pls. Clean bumhole then a close up of you leaning forward on your feet or knees & bouncing up & down on the biggest dildo you can take, first in your pussy, then in your bumhole until you cum, then a close up of your gaping/prolapsed bumhole.

Starring: LoveRachelle
Genres: Scat, Piss, 4k UHD, Fisting, Solo, Dildo, Smearing, Indoors, 2160p
True Release Date and Year: 2018 – https://copro.pw/tag/scat-2018/


4k Ultra HD Love Rachelle – Boyfriend Fucks My Shit-Filled Ass [1,76 Gb] 2160p

Filming with someone else for the first time EVER! I feel like a virgin again. I hope you all like it! Featuring my dream boy and I as we have a hot assfuck with my asshole already needing to shit. We start as he toys with my clit as we make out, then growls and groans as he eats out my pussy and asshole, and smacks it for good measure, soon I’m shaking and moaning–squealing at sensations too intense to bite my tongue through. He tells me he can feel my shit deep in there as he fingers my shithole, and it feels SO good as he drags his finger in and out, even pulling out his finger, dirty with my poop. Can’t wait to have my ass filled with shit AND his cock! My butthole is SO sensitive I already can’t stand how thick I’m stretched when he pushes through my pucker and ass-fucks me! After we cum, he pulls out and licks my sore, juicy butthole, tasting me. Yum! All that ass-fucking plumbs my poop from deep within my depths. I need to shit! I run to the bathroom and let you all watch as I let out some juicy, bubbly farts and poop out a few cute turd nuggets which have been drawn up close to my dirty entrance by my boyfriend’s cock.
About Us:
My boyfriend was already absolutely obsessed with anal (and other perversions I also love, and is just beginning his scat journey as I tempt him down the path he’s becoming more and more comfortable with my poop and already likes the way it tastes when he licks my filthy ass after some messy anal Given that he’s come this far, we decided we’d finally do a shoot like this together. He also loves feeling poop inside my shitter when he fingers and fucks me, and loves telling me how he’s going to push that shit deep down in me to make more room for his cock, so he can *completely* fill me up. He fully supports my kink and loves that I get to feed my poop to so many people which I love as well, thanks for you all for helping to fulfill my sexual needs as well! It makes me hot to feed you my poop! And believe me, the neighbors hate us. I’m a screamer!

Starring: Love Rachelle
Genres: Scat, Fisting, Anal, Oral, Smearing, Indoors, 1080p
True Release Date and Year: unknown


[2019] LoveRachelle – First Time Pooping Pantyhose 2 [427 Mb / FHD-1080p]

I’m in my sweet white innocent dress and pantyhose, but I’m aching to get dirty 😉 I tease you as much as I’m tease myself when I touch myself and strip off my dress (wish you were here to help!) I’ve been needing to shit all day. I piss my pantyhose, loving the warmth and the way it feels before squatting down and shitting up the fine white mesh with some stiff turds~! I squish the shit around and pull down my hose to show you the delicious mess–the clump of poop against my pussy plopping onto the floor <3 I smear my poop all over my bum and put the hose back on to dirty it up even more, only to reveal just how caked my ass is with shit!

Genres: Scat, Piss, Pantypooping, Solo, Pantyhose, Smearing, Indoors, 1080p
True Release Date and Year: 2019


[2019] LoveRachelle – Eat Your Sister’s Shit [283 Mb / FHD-1080p]

Your big sister’s here to ruin your life–but don’t you worry too much, I think you’ll enjoy it after all, you keep spying on me in the bathroom, don’t you? Watching me take a shit, getting undressed, showering you really think I’d just let you keep doing this without you getting caught? Without you getting punished? Now you gotta do anything I tell you, or I’ll tell mom and dad, and worse, I’ll post proof of your dirty spying online now, let’s see what we should do for a punishment. I know! Since you like watching me pinching loafs on the toilet so much, why don’t you just BECOME your big sister’s new toilet? Oh, don’t cry, you know you’ve been envious of our porcelaine throne every time you watched me shitting in it while beating off, haven’t you? That’s right–get under your big sister and open wide, as I slowly push out a thick turd into your mouth.

Starring: LoveRachelle – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/love-rachelle/
Genres: Scat, Piss, Takefile.link Porn, Solo, Panty, Smearing, Indoors, FHD-1080p
True Release Year: 2019


[2019] LoveRachelle – Our Dirty Little Secret June 28

I’m in a hotel room all gussied up and ready for my sexy date to arrive, but he’s vanilla and doesn’t know my favorite flavor is actually chocolate… but you know and I know. So why don’t I have a little fun before my date arrives? I bend over the bed and poop out my butt plug…it’s a little dirty, so I lick it up then head to the bathroom to take a shit in my hand and pee a little, pulling a turd out of my hole just as it’s coming out, Then I smear my poop while watching my reflection off-screen (I like to watch myself, hee) as I give myself a lovely shit-bikini and suck off my delicious turd like a cock, telling you how it tastes <3 Then I spit my shit saliva onto the floor let you know with a smile that it’s time for me to clean up before my date comes… Afterall, we don’t want him in our little secret, do we?

Starring: LoveRachelle – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/love-rachelle/
Genres: Scat, Piss, Spit, Fetish, Fisting, Solo, Dildo, Eat shit, Smearing, Indoors, HD-1080
True Release Year: 2019


[2019] Love Rachelle – My Scat Domination Fantasy – Shit Eating JOI [281 Mb / 1080p] June 25

Did you really think I wouldn’t find out? Did you really think I wouldn’t see all the nasty porn you’ve been looking at? Well, you shouldn’t have been so shy… I like scat porn, too! I can’t believe you lied to me all this time when I asked if you were into anything kinkier than what we already do! You know… I’m going to have to punish you for that. I’m going to make you do exactly what I’ve always wanted you to do. Oh, don’t tell me you’re not excited. I bet you can’t wait to taste my shit. I’m going to tell you *exactly* how I want you to do it, and you’re going to obey me, and you’re not going to have any other choice, or I’ll leave you, and then you’ll NEVER have your scat fantasies fulfilled. You’re never going to meet another girl like me and you know it. You scared? Think that my load will be too much for you? Don’t BS me. It’s not like you aren’t already a little shit sucker. You filthy, *filthy* boy. I’m going to make your dreams come true.

Starring: Love Rachelle
Genres: Scat, Fisting, Solo, Pantypooping, Smearing, Indoors, 1080p
True Release Year: June 25 – 2019