[unknown release date] Shara Chocolat – 3 Period Poos Wearing Knee High Boots (537 Mb / FHD)

I wake up with my legs, pussy and pyjama bottoms stained red, my period is here! On the first day I got the urge to poo while in the kitchen but I didn’t have time to open the door so I squat and poo right next to it. On the second day I manage to get outside just in time. I squat to poo on the front door step, such the exhibitionist that I am. I wipe and show once. On the third day I’m in the garden squatting on a little bench to poo. This is my biggest load and in a shape that is very pleasing to the eye. My poo on all three days has a softer consistency so it seems to be back to normal. I show you close-ups of each load.

Starring: Shara Chocolat
Genres: Scat, Piss, Blood, Huge Turd, Solo, Smearing, Outdoors, 10800p
Release Date: unknown


[2019] MilanaSmelly – Lick my tampon and swallow my shit! (May 5) 1,06 Gb in FHD-1080p

Toilet slave usually has to undergo the variety of humiliations from the Mistresses. This could be both morally and physically. Karina had her period, and she decided to change the tampon by dropping the soaked tampon in the slave’s mouth. The slave had to suck the used tampon in front of the girls, and Mistress Lassie at this moment was beating him with whip. Sucking vaginal discharge of the beautiful girl from her used tampon is a great pleasure for slave. This is a strong but simultaneously a pleasant humiliation. Then, the slave was used by girls as the toilet. The first was Lassie. She filled the slave’s mouth with semi-liquid smelly shit. However, it was not very much. Karina again distinguished. She gave a huge amount of shit and made a huge pile on the face of slave. Dealing with such quantity was not easy. The shit was very smelly, because Karina ate salad and chicken in the batter yesterday. However, the slave coped with this, and did not leave a single piece…

Starring: MilanaSmelly
Genres: Scat, Piss, Group, Domination, Eat shit, Smearing
True Release Year: May 52019


[2019] AnnaCoprofield – Shit and Blood Vol.8 Speculum (May 13) 3,82 Gb in FHD-1080p

Ooh, my menstrual cup is full of blood like my ass is full of shit. I wear rubber gloves because I like to touch myself in them. I take out the menstrual cup (I will use this blood later), fucking my pussy with a dildo, piss and shit a lot. It’s time for speculum! I show you my cervix for a long time, blood is dripping from my cervical hole, so juicy! However, this bunch of shit is waiting for my pussy, so I fill it completely, then let out a long, beautiful shit. Let’s see what’s inside of my pussy now…mmm, blood and shit look great together, what do you think? I smear shit and blood from the menstrual cup on my pussy and ass…Enjoy!

Starring: Anna Coprofield
Genres: Scat, Piss, Fetish, Fisting, Blood, Solo, Dildo, Panty, Smearing
True Release Year: May 132019