BigTitsAlisa – My jeans are full of shit and piss (FHD Kaviar)

I decided once again to use in the video jeans, you also like to watch when my feet flow trickles of urine leaving wet marks on the jeans. I was sitting at home and I was wearing a home gown, I decided that I need to change and I took off my robe after robe I took a bra stockings and belt, I change into jeans and a t-shirt, took off his clothes as I stand before you completely naked to me there is nothing, I take the first jeans and start to dress them by wearing your jeans after I wear a t-shirt. I’m all dressed up now and ready to stuff my jeans with shit and piss. I shit and piss in my jeans my feet are dripping with urine leaving wet marks on my jeans, filling my jeans with shit and urine I pose a little in wet dirty jeans, after showing off my jeans I take them off and show you my dirty ass and jeans. I really like to shit and piss in jeans. And you look like?…

Genres: Scat, Piss, Big shit, Solo, Jeans, Smearing


BigTitsAlisa – My white panties are full of shit (FHD)

You like to watch when a girl fills her panties with shit and urine, when trickles of urine flow down her legs and her panties protrude from the shit. I’m wearing a dress and panties, I first pose for you in a dress after which I take off my dress and pose for you in panties, I love to show you my body, after showing off my body I get cancer and shit and piss in my panties fill them with shit and urine, my feet trickle with urine my panties are full of shit, I take off my panties and show you my ass which is all in shit, after that I take the shit out of my panties with my hands and RUB the shit between my legs, my cunt is covered in shit, at the end of this video, I put my panties back on my body and pose for you again…

StarringBig Tits Alisa

Genres: Scat, Piss, Big shit, Squirt, Solo, Masturbation, Panty, Smearing

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STARRINGLove Rachelle

Love Rachelle: “I’ve been getting off to scat porn for almost a decade, eventually tried it myself, and I’ve never gone back. I LOVE it! I love to shit, squirt and use toys to fuck my filthy ass. I like to fart, giggle and taunt, sassing you for getting off watching me shit logs and fingering my dirty hole. I’ve gotten off to scat porn for years, and am now taking my ventures on camera!”

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