Abigail Dupree – Constipated a Week Enema White Panties (Full HD-1080p / 1,37 Gb)

Constipated for a week saline enema into white panties. I’m a very patient little lady but at 8 days without a shit, I had just about had enough of this waiting game. I really wanted a nice big load for you but I simply could not wait any longer for it. I decided to do two huge saline enemas for you insted and then release them into my brand new tighty-whitey boxer briefs. I filled up my enema bag with 2 quarts of salt water and held the entire thing inside for as long as I could before standing up and releasing it. I made a huge mess in my white panties on the first release and it seemed like it just kept coming and coming! when I felt the pressure was gone I pulled down my messy chonies and filled myself back up with 2 more quarts of salt water. My tummy was so full and it was so uncomfortable. Again I released a big fountain of shitty water into my soiled panties and the brown stream was pouring down my legs. What a big mess… but I felt so much better…


Upside Down Continuous Blue Smurf Vomit (Abigail Dupree)

Abigail Dupree drank a half gallon of milk and ate 2 liters of blue Jello for this epic puke show. This video was compiled from an hour and 15 minutes of gagging and vomiting. She took just the juicy parts and left you with almost 18 minutes of straight vomiting. Watch her beautiful face get covered in blue slimy puke as she gags herself with an impressive deep throat over and over and over again. Then magically the milk starts pouring out of her… Blue at first and then white and curdled in the end. I have never seen anything like this!

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Toilet Banned Compilation Desperate Wetting and Poop (Abigail Dupree) HD-720p

I peed my pants.. I was forced to be away from my Master for the entire weekend. I’m so used to asking for permission to pee that I hardly knew what to do with myself. I had two orders….

Drink as much fluid as humanly possible and ask for permission to pee when I couldn’t hold it any longer and when i got permission, relieve myself in whatever I was wearing at that time for the camera. This excited me so much and made me feel so close to Him. The warm piss running down my legs and soaking my clothing was like His hands gently caressing me and telling me “good girl”. My bladder was throbbing and I struggled to hold it long enough to get away into a private place and make sure the lighting was perfect. Sneaking my wet, piss filled pants into the laundry was so exhilarating. I didn’t think I would have a poo over the weekend but I ate a big meal of bratwurst and enough roasted corn to feed a flock of chickens for a week. I felt the turd surfacing and it was a moment of desperation. I could barely wait for His response to my plea but finally….

I heard “yes my slave, show me your poo up close”…

I propped my phone on the toilet and let my corn filled load pile out onto the top of the toilet lid. So greasy and spotted with corn kernels. Completely empty I felt so clean and turned on. I couldn’t wait for the morning when I’d get to see Him and have my clean holes filled by Him …

Scat Model: Abigail Dupree – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/abigail-dupree/


Lilu Dallas – efro piss and shit (FULL HD with Abigail Dupree)

Lilu Dallas - efro piss and shit (FULL HD) Image 1

Lilu Dallas - efro piss and shit (FULL HD) Image 2

Lilu Dallas - efro piss and shit (FULL HD) Image 3

It’s a shame to see this adorable costume go to waste so I decided to wear it for you as I have been holding my piss and shit until I couldnt possibly hold it any longer. I’ve been so turned on all day just thinking about showing you what’s inside. I fuck my pink pussy with metal and fill my already full ass with jizz lube and if feels so good and slippery. It comes pouring out of my ass in a long steady stream and paves the way for my shit to slide right out… but not before I take a nice, long awaited piss. It just keeps coming and coming… Piss, cum and shit. So erotic and what a relief.