[2019] PrincessPuckie – Stepsister Shits On You (Full-HD-1080p / 778,48 Mb)

StarringPrincess Puckie
Genres: Scat, Big shit, Fisting, Solo, Panty poop, Smearing
Release Date14 of February 2019

I’m your older stepsister and I just got out of bed in the morning and I’m in the bathroom taking a shit. I think I’m alone, so I leave the door slightly open (enough for you to see me). I hear a noise and see you. I pretend to freak the fuck out and ask you what the fuck you’re doing there. I want to punish you so I think about it for a sec….I know exactly how to teach you a lesson…I’m gonna give you what you were trying to see in the first place. I notice your dick is getting harder and I call you out for it. I flush without wiping and force you to follow me into my bedroom….I’m getting kind of into this now. I tell you to take your dick out (you have a nice dick and I’m surprised for a perv like you to have a nice one!) I start fingering my asshole and playing with it, I pull some shit out and tease you with it. I smell my shitty finger and talk dirty about it. I tell you that I haven’t showered today and I got all the juices from the previous night. I fart a bit and stick my pussy into your face and talk bout how rank it smells. I feel the big shit is coming on and I have to finish what I started… I put my shitty ass in your face and shit on you! I push a heavy load out and my dump plops on you while I talk dirty to my lil stepbrother. I want you to cum now so I keep spreading and get really close and beg you to blow your load…. you cum hard all over my shit!


Miss Erika – The Student Makes You Poop on the Fuck (252,11 Mb / HD-720p)

Look so innocent and helpless, when deep down they are a filthy cagna.mi bare by much bitch piss in my panties and force you to lick all over… then I start to masturbate more and faster… I want I get up fuck..mi and I shit you literally the pea then I sit on my shit and I begin to spread it ora resume to fuck me that the idea of being so dirty and nasty it makes me excited to morire. mi masturbate and I have a super orgasm with you…


MissAnja – Ooops… I Shit In My White Pants Diarrhea (HD-720p / 514,45 Mb)

I’m wearing only my white pants in video. I was washing my hair when the feeling in my tummy was so bad. I thought this bad thing disappear when I finish with my hair. So I felt I going to do liquid poo so soon. I was desperation so much. you can see on my face the pain what I felt in my tummy. For few seconds I couldn’t move in the video, I scared shit myself immediately. I wanted to hold my poo. But it not depended on me this time haha. I laying on my back lift up my legs and I feel getting warm something in my panty. I shit myself. First come out some dried poo it’s hurt at the beginning, then totally destroyed my pants with liquid poo.