3 sweet diarrhea in panties (Milana Smelly) 12 of May 2018

When I saw that all the princesses had diarrhea, I was upset that I chose this scenario, since I love taking diarrhea from the anus! Many delicious diarrhea remained on the ass girls and panties. It was one of the most enjoyable dishes! Priludiya was very pleasant – the girls shit in panties right in front of my face and I could smell the shit of every girl – this greatly inflames the appetite before feeding.

This video I shot on Saturday. Christina called me when they were 5 kilometers away from me. Usually girls called me when they ordered a taxi. I quickly washed myself (it was 10am), bit a salad (it’s hard to swallow an empty stomach, you need to eat a little and drink alcohol to relax – when you know that three girls are coming to you who want to shit and you have to eat everything :). Christina was unhappy with the script because she had to close contact with the shit, in the video you can see how evil she is! ?

Starring: Christina, Yana and Amina from Milana Smelly – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/milana-smelly/ (Join Takefile.link Premium and download unlimited videos with this girls and other girls)

Release Date: 12 of May 2018


The smell of ass girls who want to shit (Milana Smelly) 12 of May 2018

The morning smell of the girl who wants to shit is very tasty! To feel its fullness, I asked the girls to do a stomach massage. Yana and Christina farted once. Then snack followed! The dishes were very tasty – yesterday Yana ate a sealed fish, and Christina made a salad and ate it with her boyfriend.

Starring: Yana and Christina from Milana Smelly – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/milana-smelly/ (with takefile.link premium download videos without any limits)

Release Date: 12 of May 2018


It was doubly tasty with Milana Smelly – 11 of May 2018

It was doubly tasty! It’s hard not to fall in love with their tastes and smells! Cool when girls perceive you only as their personal toilet. Christina said that she no longer wants to sit on my face because she is afraid to pick up any disease)) Today Amina told me – yesterday I was keen to shit and remember you! It’s nice when a girl tells you such words! Kaif is under their asses, to feel their morning smells and tastes. Cristina and Amina have very tasty crap – I like to get treats from their asses, especially mix tastes – bitter and soft shit of Christina mixed with sweet and hard shit Amina, they are very different in taste!

Starring: Amina & Christina from Milana Smelly – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/milana-smelly/ (more videos)

Release Date: 11 of May 2018


3 Mega big heaps. New game for girls! (Milana Smelly)

3 Mega big heaps. New game for girls! It was one of the coolest feedings – I was at the limit and took all the stink of girls! I came up with a new game for girls, which motivated them to save big heaps! According to the rules of the game, girls received additional monetary rewards for the amount of accumulated shit!

1 place + 40 $

2 place + 20 $

3 place 0 $

The third place was taken by Amina, she used me first. Her shit was not ordinary – hard with diarrhea, she was well prepared and ate a lot! From the very beginning, she strongly wanted to go to the toilet and fart. I love when girls fart in the process of preparing for the shootings – so I can feel in advance what is waiting for me, Christina too often farts before shooting!

The second place was taken by Christina. Her shit was bitter and tasted with peel. This night, Christina and Amina spent with their guys – I love when girls have sex with their guys, and then they come to me to throw off shit – nice when the girls who feed you live a full life, I hope when they get pregnant I’ll continue to take their shit – this will be cool!

The first place was taken by Yana – she had the biggest and smelly pile! I do not like when Yana uses me last – by this time I have not enough strength, and her shit is very smelly and with a lot of bones. Yesterday she ate a lot of strawberries and bones crunched in my mouth during the re-chewing.

Starring: Amina, Christina and Yana from Milana Smelly – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/milana-smelly/ (More videos from this girls here)

Release Date: 30 of April 2018


Milana Smelly – Comfortable live toilet for 3 princesses (FHD)

After this meeting, I realized that a good toilet slave should easily serve a minimum of 3 girls! The princesses drank coca-cola, laughed and joked while their girlfriend devastated her intestines into my mouth. The first was Jana – she did not finish the feeding and gave me to Christina. I had in my mouth the remains of Yana’s shit and on top a big pile of fresh shit from Christina – it was cool! The last was Amina – her shit was well-long-lasting, sweet and thick, but very tasty! Amina was the last, but I ate a lot of her shit. To girls did not see someone else’s shit, I built a comfortable bed with a partition – so that the girls could only see their shit. The girls filled me with their shit and left.

Cast: Christina and Jana and Amina – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/milana-smelly/ (more videos here)

Released: 27 of April 2018


2 sweet asses treated me with morning shit – Milana Smelly (FHD-1080p)

The bell woke me up at 9am. The hoarse, sleepy voice of Christina said – I’ll be with Jana in an hour and I must prepare the studio. Usually they did not come so early. Yana used me first. I hoped that the first one would be Christina – her shit I love much more and to deserve it I had to go through Jana first. When I was serving Jan, Christina hurried me – I also want to shave faster! It was Christina’s turn, she took off her leggings from her beautiful and young ass, and I watched the view from below. Christina poured out a big, warm and tasty bunch in my mouth – her taste and smell became native to me. Her shit massively fell into my mouth with a fart! I heard her say – finally – she experienced the pleasure of freeing herself from shit! Christina hard fed me, the girls were free of shit, they were pleased and laughed. It’s nice to feel in their shit the remnants of undigested food, such as corn, peel, bone!

Starring: Christina & Jana – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/milana-smelly/ (Milana Smelly)