[2019] MilanaSmelly – Suffering must remain inside the toilet slave! [673 Mb / FHD-1080p] JULY 9

Suffering must remain inside the toilet slave! All your suffering must remain within you, the girl should not see or hear it. A good toilet slave always swallows 100%, so he should not give in to fear, fear can cause discomfort, and the process will be difficult for both the slave and the mistress! Toilet Slave – should always be positive, the mistress should feel that the slave loves to be her toilet. Remember that many girls do not want to do it in your mouth, as this is a very intimate moment for a girl and a girl should trust you. Girls feel weak toilet slave and experience discomfort when using it. If you want to become an excellent toilet slave, then, in the process of using, forget that you are a man – you are just a thing, a toilet for women! All your strength, at this moment, should be directed at swallowing. Eating female shit is a natural process for you. Many people ask me: what do you feel after feeding? Got a stomach ache? How bad is it for the body of the toilet slave? I answer: if I serve one girl (for example, Christina) – I feel a slight discomfort in my stomach, as if you had a little over-cake. But an hour later, I am fully restored. Christina loves to eat deliciously, she often visits local restaurants, this time she ate a lot of Japanese food and I had to eat a lot of sesame (sesame is practically not digested). When I go under Christina, I don’t know that sometimes this liquid with a strong smell and taste awaits me and it is very difficult to swallow or sweet and soft shit, but this is not my business, I have to eat everything and this is a holiday for me! First, Christine gave me urine to drink, I learned to swallow without closing my mouth – this is a success, now I don’t pour urine and swallow it 100%! Kristina allowed me to lick her anus in front of the toilet and I could smell the sweet morning smell of my dish, she pressed, trying to fart and the smell hit me right in the nose!

Starring: Milana Smelly
Genres: Scat, Piss, Spit, Facesitting, Domination, Eat shit, Smearing, Indoors, FHD-1080p
True Release Date and Year: JULY 9  2019


2019 Milana Smelly – I vomited Christina and me [FHD-1080p / 523 Mb] MAY 12

I vomited 🙁 Christina and me. I haven’t been Christina’s toilet for almost 2 months, I almost forgot the smell and sweet taste of her shit. Yesterday Christina called me and said – tomorrow morning I will be in the city. I was happy, because I love her sweet ass and never refuse her treats. But, I have not swallowed shit for a long time and have already lost the habit of this taste and smell. After a long break – it will be difficult! Christina said – yesterday I was eating kebabs! In addition to meat in Christine’s shit, there were a lot of rind and grains that crunched loudly in my mouth. Before we started feeding, Kristina and I drank red wine! The time has come and Christina took off her panties and her ass was over my face. I tried to swallow, I tried very hard, but I started to feel very nauseous and vomited. This is my complete failure – now I can’t even serve 1 girlfriend, I lost the habit of it! To become a good toilet slave – you need constant practice and a great desire!

Starring: Milana Smelly
Genres: Scat, Piss, Vomit, Shit, Diarrhea, Domination, Eat shit, Smearing, Indoors, FHD-1080p
True Release Date and Year: May 12 2019


[2019] MilanaSmelly – Thank you for feeding, Mistresses [1,23 Gb / FHD-1080p]

Thank you for feeding, Mistresses! Yana and Christina are my favorite Mistresses. And I am always very happy when they invite me to serve them. There is nothing more beautiful than women’s legs! And today I had to lick the feet of my Mistresses. And then Mrs. Yana and Christina spoon-fed me from a chamber pot. They had fed me their fragrant shit. And I was happy because I was feeling the shit of two very beautiful girls in my stomach. Having the opportunity to eat such delicacy is happiness…

Starring: MilanaSmelly
Genres: Scat, Piss, Fetish, Drink pee, Eat shit, Smearing, Indoors, HD-1080p
True Release Year: 2019


[2019] Milana Smelly – You can not touch! Erotic toilet slavery! (January) 1.34 Gb / FHD-1080p

Erotic toilet slavery! Mrs Christina, Yana and Karina are very beautiful girls. This video fully confirms this fact. Each of the girls shows her beautiful body, touches her pussy and shows off a beautiful ass. The toilet slave can enjoy seeing it, but he is forbidden to receive sexual pleasure from it. Girls do not treat him like a male. He is a toilet for them, but he is very pleased to serve beautiful girls as a toilet. This time, Mrs. Christina, Yana and Karina used a slave in the shower. He, as usual, had to eat huge portions of shit and drink urine. This time Mistress Karina distinguished herself. She gave the shit several times, and slave had to eat her every portion.

Starring: Milana Smelly – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/milana-smelly/
Genres: Scat, Farts, Big Pile, Domination, Eat shit, Smearing, Fetish, Indoors, 1080p
True Release Date/Year: 2019


[2019] MilanaSmelly – Smell of my future food (January) 1,29 Gb / FHD-1080p

This time I came to visit Mrs. Yana, Christina and Karina, when they had just a good breakfast. Taking the opportunity, they decided to show me how my future food smells before it passes through the girl’s body. That is, it is still located in the stomach. Inhaling the burping of each of the girls, I enjoyed this scent. I got pleasure from taste also. I enjoyed the taste of what the Mistresses had eaten yesterday for dinner. Mrs. Yana, Christina and Karina allowed me to smell their asses and made big piles of crap to my mouth. I had performed my duty of toilet slave and ate everything to the last bit…

Starring: MilanaSmelly – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/milana-smelly/
Genres: Scat, Spit, Farts, Sperm, Big Pile, Domination, Eat shit, Smearing, Fetish, Indoors, 1080p
True Release Date/Year: 2019