Anna Mistress – Shit After beach (FHD 1080p)

I am back from the beach and the first thing that I have to do is to shit! But the toilet in the hotel is awful so I will use my toilet slave again.

Scat Star: Anna Mistress –


Anna Mistress – Toilet Paper Tongue (Full HD 1080p)

Are you ready Mr. Toilet Paper? Are you really ready to clean my asshole of every little bit of shit?

First I will shit while you are cleaning my high heels and my dirty feet. I will gag you with my foot deep in your throw.

And after I shit is your turn.

Prove to me you’re a man worthy of the job of ass cleaner to Anna Mistress! Clean this shitty mess that surrounds my asshole!

Scat Star: Anna Mistress –

Release year: 2017


Anna Mistress – Fart Shards Assworship and Shit (FULL HD 1080p)

In this video, I speak mostly my own language ! I didn’t put subtitles on purpose ! Because you will you have to understand what I want , I am pretty clear ! I have some gas left and my slave received it together with my creamy shit ! My farts have been smelling REALLY BAD but I said to him that he must adore them like perfume . And if he wants to be my toilet, he must absorb my farts and take my shit and thank me , or I will cut his dick ! The only thing that I need from him is his mouth and tongue , not his pathetic cock .

Must have video !

Cast: Anna Mistress –


MistressAnna – Scat Giant Shit (Femdom Scat in FUll HD)

MistressAnna – Scat Giant Shit

MistressAnna - Scat Giant Shit (Femdom Scat in FUll HD) - 1

MistressAnna - Scat Giant Shit (Femdom Scat in FUll HD) - 2

MistressAnna - Scat Giant Shit (Femdom Scat in FUll HD) - 3

MistressAnna - Scat Giant Shit (Femdom Scat in FUll HD) - 4

MistressAnna - Scat Giant Shit (Femdom Scat in FUll HD) - 5

MistressAnna - Scat Giant Shit (Femdom Scat in FUll HD) - 6

“Like any career girl, I have had to learn to multi-task.

Using slaves as toilets is a convenience, not a job.

So, just because there is a former human being waiting
beneath my perfect asshole to be used as a receptacle for
a huge amount of shit doesn’t mean I can’t take a few moments
to check my text messages!

The slave is well trained enough that it doesn’t need much instructions,
other than “open it”, not “open your mouth” – IT is no longer a mouth
but a shit hole and is no longer his, but mine!

“Open your shit hole, toilet”.

You get to see a beautiful shot of my asshole and cunt poised above
the toilet’s face waiting for a huge massive load.

This time there is no ass worship.

I have become comfortable enough to use the toilet without prior
stimulation so you see a slave reduced to pure shit toilet servitude,
serving as nothing but a sewer.”

STARRING : MistressAnna aka Anna Mistress

GENRES : Femdom Scat, Scat Domination, Shitting, Spanking, Copro, Crap, Cruel, Scat 2017, Full HD 1080p

LENGHT : 6 Minutes

SIZE : 444,2 Mb

FULL HD 1080p


Anna Mistress – Bottom Feeder (FULL HD 1080)

Anna Mistress – Bottom Feeder

Anna Mistress - Bottom Feeder 1

Anna Mistress - Bottom Feeder 2

Anna Mistress - Bottom Feeder 3

Anna Mistress - Bottom Feeder 4

Anna Mistress - Bottom Feeder 5

Anna Mistress - Bottom Feeder 6

Anna Mistress - Bottom Feeder 7

Just because a slave is an obedient toilet does not mean it doesn’t need to be punished and whipped regularly. The fact of being punished simply because I enjoy hurting it makes the slave realize its sub-human status and reinforces its fundamental lack of worth.

This video begins with my slave in perfect whipping position. The camera is behind my ass so you slaves masturbating at home can see my beautiful ass and perfectly toned legs as they twist and turn to power my whip. My long brown hair drapes over my sinuous shoulders as I switch between crop and cat-o-nine tails.

I make the slave acknowledge the fact that it is a toilet continually and tell me how much it loves being my toilet.

There are some shots up at me from between the slave’s legs so you can see the beautiful smile that the slave’s suffering brings to my face.

After making the slave beg to be my toilet, I release it from bondage. It immediate drops to its hands and knees: training pays off. As it gratefully kisses my feet I enjoy hitting its ass some more and smile.

I then order the slave to set up the toilet seat. Amazingly, it forgets to thank me and I have to prompt it “Thank you Mistress Anna?”, which the slave hurriedly echoes. Of course, I crop its balls anyway.

The slave has a new mask made of its own underwear. I thought this was better than the leather mask because it is more humiliating and it feels more pain when i slap it.

As usual, I generously grant the slave the privilege of worshiping my ass and lubricating my sacred asshole for a while. You get to see this from many angles, interspersed with many shots of my facial expressions.

The delivery today is soft and creamy and the slave dutifully licks the shit out of my ass until its mouth is full. This portion is seen from every camera in its entirety so that losers masturbating at home can fully imagine what it would be like to be blessed with my shit.

I have the slave spit the shit out temporarily so it can clean my ass. This time it is unusually messy so you get to see the slave do some real cleaning of the shit that has clung to my ass checks.

Finally, I make the slave get on its hands and knees to lick up my shit as I punish it with my whip..

STARRINGAnna Mistress

GENRES : Femdom Scat, Shitting, Scat, Shit, Copro, Tortures, Full HD-1080p, Female Domination

LENGHT : 12 Minutes 25 Seconds

SIZE : 1010,3 Mb

FULL HD 1080p


Anna Mistress – How I Cook and Fart

How I Cook and Fart

MistressAnna - How I Cook and Fart 1

MistressAnna - How I Cook and Fart 2

MistressAnna - How I Cook and Fart 3

MistressAnna - How I Cook and Fart 4

MistressAnna - How I Cook and Fart 5

MistressAnna - How I Cook and Fart 6

MistressAnna - How I Cook and Fart 7

STARRINGAnna Mistress with scat slaveboy 😉

GENRES : Shitting, Femdom Scat, Copro, Defecation, Full HD1080p, Shit, Crap, Excrements, Defecation, Shitting in Mouth

LENGHT : 10 Minutes 41 Seconds

SIZE : 870,2 Mb

I let you see my beautiful ass through spandex pants and you get to drink in the supple curvature of my torso as it gracefully blends into my hips. You are allowed to experience my farts POV. Then I serve you a meal directly on to your plate as you see the chief’s moist masterpiece delivered from the source, my perfect ass. I squat over the plate in high heals so my toned, quivering ass hangs over the plate so you can imagine yourself on hands and knees, head to the floor as if praying to my asshole—as you should. You will masturbate furiously as the camera brings you so far beneath my ass that you see the succulent and unattainable lips of my pussy. The magnificent presentation is shown from two different angles, but don’t pop your penis pus (cum) just yet!

The shit is enormous—just what you deserve. And then you get to hear my voice ordering you to consume.

Then I bring in my regular slave so you can fantasize about being in his place as toilet paper. It takes its place on the floor as my hour glass figure alights on its face to be served.

Having no further use for its face I reward it by dumping the plate of rich, creamy goodness on his mouth. The disappointing pig allows it to slide off of its mouth so I am forced to help him even beyond the point of my usual generosity and manually reapply my bounty to its face, being sure to cover its mouth and nose to incentivize proper consumption. With its hands behind its back it does at least engage in some amusing struggles to breathe.

Be sure to eat your cum when you finish masturbating to this video. The self-loathing you feel consuming your own sperm will give you some way to experience my contempt for TOILETS LIKE YOU!

FULL HD 1080p