Fetish with shit (13.06.2018) KatyaKASS

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Red lipstick, beautiful blonde, in the mouth of a cigarette, sexually lying and Smoking. You can see me all, close-up of the priest. I’m wearing socks, pink panties and a blue t-shirt. Having decided to relax to smoke and at the same time to celebrate need. After everything was done, I wanted to fix the color of socks, make socks brown. I love this ritual of repair needs, especially the smell of my shit, it smells of pine nuts, wood and some forest air, pure and natural. When you shit-just a few seconds – but you feel Nirvana. I wish the shit would fall out of me and fall out and that feeling of liberation would go on and on. I imagine how I reach the door of the toilet, open and see not the hallway, but a fantastic view of the space with a beautiful nebula crossing the panorama. Like a light summer wind blowing into the toilet from space. I shit and look at the stars and at those moments there is no problem. What could be the problem of free beings from the infinite cosmos? I will definitely go there, where you can see the milky way in the night sky. Not that pale streak in the sky, but a real, breathtaking view of the galaxy. Find the field under this sky and shit.


Release Date: 13 of June 2018


Solo Scat Girls Andrea (576p)

Starring: Andrea

In this series hot girls do soft solo scat scenes in many different places, positions and scenes, usually for over 1 hour/movie. Standard-definition. This movie is a shorter 30 minutes with many scenes with a hot blonde girl. She shit in many different places: near a public pool, near the forest of a shopping mall, at a retro living room, and many other places.


Welcome to your new life toilet slave (Dirty Maryan) FHD

Welcome to your new life, toilet slave! You thought I would let you go home after this session, but you are so wrong! You are now my property. You will be locked forever and hooded permanently. You will lose your humanity. You are nothing to me but a toilet. Forget about eating fresh food because from now on you will only eat from my garbage can and consume my divine waste!

You have no name anymore. You are less than a rat, less than an insect. You are the inferior sex.Eating my waste is now your only purpose in life. You will spend the rest of your life beeing fed by me. You will consume my delicious caviar, golden nectar and my period blood.

Don’t you wanna eat my divine waste? Beg me to squat over your face and empty my bowels in your wide opened mouth! I will feed you now, toilet slave! Stop moving! You know there is no escape!

Feel the warm shit slide into your mouth. This is the highlight of your existence! Swallow everything and lick my ass clean. Enjoy every second of this moment out of your cage!

Cast: Dirty Maryan – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/dirty-maryan/