PooAlina – Really smelly enema from Alina in mouth slave (PooAlina.com-2018)

What can be more smelly and disgusting to taste than female shit? – Only badly digested female shit, obtained with enema! Even an experienced toilet slave could not cope with such a stench. Alina screamed at the slave and forced everyone to swallow, but the smell was really smelly. Sensing this diabolical smell, Alina experienced pity for the slave and allowed him not to swallow…


ElenaToilet – Sensual Mistress Shit and Enema (ScatShop.com – 15.11.2019)

I tease and destroy my slave in a combined session of shitting, ignoring, ass worshipping and enema in mouth. At the end I do an enema in his mouth and expected to have my shit swallowed!


MissAnja – I Make My Pants Super Dirty For Daddy

This video is a taboo role play fantasy video! I wear a tiny blue short and white top on. I get into my room and Daddy was in already. Why did you come in just by your own? You should knock first don’t you think? I am get ready myself to go out with some of my friend for a night out. Go out daddy. Ok I know Mom said I was bad and made a mistake when I failed on one of my exam but Daddy to everyone can happen. I will study much more but not today. Go out of my room. Why you look at my like this? It’s kinda weird. What did you say to me? Wanna see my ass. Wtf Daddy? I can’t believe you’re telling me like this. I know I love this short pants but why you ask me to make it dirty it’s sound scary.Get out of my room right now. You can’t ask me to do such a nasty thing like this. Ok I show you my ass but then can you go out of my room? I show ass but Daddy wants more. I hesitate to pull down pants but I do. Was it enough? Happy now? I’m so fucking ready to go out. But you wanna get more. Want to make dirty this pants with hot shit. That is more than nasty don’t you think just because I didn’t study enough to get over on the exam’ Daddy also found my dildo and want me to lick and put into my ass to fuck myself and use it front of him. Is it turning you on or what? Your dick get hard I can’t believe it. I do play with my asshole and it’s good but awkward him watching me. I fuck my asshole in doggy. But keep it in your mind Daddy this is the first and last that I do front of you. I do also enema into my pants which is make big mess in it. I make it dirty with shitty ass liquids and more of shit all about it. This is your dirty secret Daddy I got it now. So the thing is I do whatever you ask from me but If you don’t want I tell to anyone you never ever come into my room again. Did you understand me Daddy? Lots of shit and mess in my cute short I see you can’t control your dick. I do enema few times and keep fucking my shitty hole. Hope you’ll never ever forget this day because never would be happen again. I tell someone is knocking at the door so hurry to jerk off Daddy because I have to change my clothes once again before I go out. Was it enough? Great because if you don’t want I share your filthy secret never wanna see you again in my room. Have fun….


Evamarie88 – Giant Panty Enema Shit

Watch me in white panties straddle above you i fill my ass up with water and squeeze out a giant panty poo, then with the last push ass juice pours out… I then continue filling up ass and exploding into my panties making them fuller and fuller that they start to hang low…. You like those enema farts in your face take more…. I enema over you again and again and again before bending over and the huge load slips out… I show you the giant load and i wonder who this is going to go too…


DirtyBetty – Diarrhea EXPLOSION diary. OCEAN of my SWEET SHIT [635 Mb / FHD]

Today I have gone too far with laxative. And that’s what came out of it. I’m covered in shit. I smeared with diarrhea. But it is very fun, I shit the room and smear my shit like a pig, more and more shit out of me all the climbs. It is infinite. I farts and fun in a smelly diarrhea. Do you want this?

Starring: DirtyBetty
Genres: Scat, Piss, Enema, Solo, Diarrhea, Panty, Smearing, Indoors, FHD-1080p
True Release Date and Year: 2019


MissAnja – Queefing, Creamy Shit, Filthy Enema In Nylon Smear [1,31 Gb / FHD-1080p] AUGUST 7 2019

Wear my fave nylon brief on with a tight and sexy crop top. I do panty modelling and posing front and back lot of times. Moving around to show off you my round and firm booty in nylon. The nylon is see through which make my ass more sexy and seductive. I love it and you? I give lots of close ups to camera and then you could feel yourself as like stick your nose and face between my cheeks. I remove pants to bend over and gaping pussy and tight asshole. I spread by hand my holes. Pink holes for you. I also make queefings and fart after bend over. I tell you as usual I need to poo baby so I stand close to you and after a little asshole pucker I push directly the creamy shit into nylon. As the nylon see through you able to see my asshole opening wide. Such a nice experience. But your dirty surprise didn’t finish yet. I do some enema then and make more dirty and filthy this nylon cutie. I fill up my ass with water enema few times then with cracking noises sprinkle out straight to pants. What a loud noise. Definitely make you rock hard. I also pick up the fallen shit and smear within my panty to soak it well not only in dirty ass juices. I smear sensually in and out my creamy poo, squeeze nylon and make myself filthy. You love my dirty ass don’t you. I do one more time enema and then release it again and modelling a bit before end. I remove the pants and hold in hands. Looks yummy isn’t it? Have fun!

Starring: MissAnja
Genres: Scat, Piss, Farts, Enema, Shit, Fisting, Solo, Panty, Smearing, Indoors, FHD-1080p
True Release Date and Year: AUGUST 7 – 2019