Abigail Dupree MiniPack (21 Vids) ($209.99 ScatShop)

Hi, I am Abigail Dupree sensuous professional sex slave. I am kinky and dirty. What is your fetish? I am tasked to please.

Master’s orders.

Here is a small collection of the sexy sex slave Abigail Dupree, clips are all from her ScatShop.com account.
You will see Abigail drinking her masters piss, puking all over her sexy body and stuffing her ass with M&M’s to later shit them out in to a big vase, and so much more


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AbigailDupree_____A_slaves_Life_Shower_and_a_Piss.mp4 – 129.78 MB
AbigailDupree_____Big_Poo_Smear_Scat_Masturbation.mp4 – 130.52 MB
AbigailDupree_____CMNF_outdoor_Piss_Punisment.mp4 – 46.94 MB
AbigailDupree_____Dirty_Ass_Ducky.mp4 – 112.26 MB
AbigailDupree_____Enema_4_Day_Poop_Smear.mp4 – 245.74 MB
AbigailDupree_____Erotic_Female_Relief_Observation_Piss_Scat_Foot_Smear.mp4 – 66.56 MB
AbigailDupree_____Little_Plastic_Nappy_Wrap_Mess.mp4 – 160.36 MB
AbigailDupree_____Masters_Human_Toilet.mp4 – 243.33 MB
AbigailDupree_____Master_Pisses_in_slaves_Mouth_Twice.mp4 – 72.58 MB
AbigailDupree_____Messy_gagging_and_puke_with_added_anal.mp4 – 277.73 MB
AbigailDupree_____Panty_Pooping_in_Restrained_Desperation.mp4 – 86.14 MB
AbigailDupree_____Perfect_Sluts_Anal_Fist_Throat_Fuck_and_Puke.mp4 – 313.62 MB
AbigailDupree_____Piss_Drinking_Puker_with_Shitty_Enema.mp4 – 267.67 MB
AbigailDupree_____Piss_in_Panties_For_Master.mp4 – 85.53 MB
AbigailDupree_____Poopy_Prolapse_Scat_Butt.mp4 – 146.72 MB
AbigailDupree_____Poop_Compilation.mp4 – 309.85 MB
AbigailDupree_____POV_toilet_slave_tease_shit_smash.mp4 – 157.63 MB
AbigailDupree_____Scat_Smear_Enema_Prolapse_Big_Orgasms.mp4 – 64.35 MB
AbigailDupree_____Shit_Smash_in_White_Pants.mp4 – 77.33 MB
AbigailDupree_____Shit_Smash_in_White_Pants.mp4 – 77.33 MB
AbigailDupree_____Two_Dozen_Peanut_M_Ms_Turd-le.mp4 – 121.23 MB
AbigailDupree_____Two_Dozen_Peanut_M_Ms_Turd-le.mp4 – 121.23 MB
AbigailDupree_____Vomit_and_a_Show.mp4 – 88.59 MB

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