Abigail Dupree – beet poop in white stockings (FULL-HD)

Abigail Dupree is such a naughty little girl.She has put on her bright white tights and is waiting for her boyfriend to show up because he has the key to the house. She’s stuck outside after eating beets for two days straight without a shit and she just cant help but to finish off her beets from lunch. She has been craving beets this entire week. She loves how it makes her poop red. She pops a squat in the yard while she waits and lets a big red turd fill up her pristine tights. It smushes all over her pierced pussy and in between her cheeks. She then takes her tights off and fills her ass with water to clean out her butt in preparation for her boyfriends arrival. She squirts red poopy water in an impressive launch out of her tiny butt hole. Her boyfriend pulls up and she scurries off to clean up before he catches her being naughty.

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Mommys Massive Shit Snack – PrincessPuckie (Full HD)

Mommys Massive Shit Snack

So it was like 10o’clock at night and I had just finished eating most of my takeout, brussel sprouts and a persimmon kale salad. I realized that I had a giant shit pressing against my butthole about to burst out of me but instead of running to the toilet I ran to set up my camera because I KNEW it was gonna be a shitshow!! I didn’t have time to set a plastic sheet down or anything so I just grabbed the rest of my salad and as soon as I started to bend over this THICK SLIMY SNAKE JUST JIZZED OUT OF ME! Seriously some slinky looking shit like real sausage like but soft and like a massive tube of frosting gushing out of me with a fat SPLOOOSH! There was so much of it some of it flung out of the food tray lol. I show off the huge fat dump and spread it around with my fork and talk about how good it smells! What a nice snack for you! You should be healthy, this is so full of vitamins and minerals…and my waste 🙂 I turn back around to show off that I haven’t wiped and not only do I have a pretty stinky yellowy greeny butterfly poo print to show off, you can literally see drops of cum hanging in and out of my pussy because I had just cum right before this! I wink my ass and it farts a bit, I spread and talk dirty and wiggle my bum in your face. I turn back to face you to play some more with my food. It smells amazing, so rich and succulent…I want a lil nibble! Is that bad? I was gonna save this for you but…I’m getting hungry. I spit into my shit salad and stick my tongue out and get a tiny lick of shit and greens on my tongue and swallow it down. I keep picking up big forkfuls of it and then
I switch gears! It’s 3:33min and I realize I want to do some roleplay…and I’m feeling a lot like your mommy who wants you to grow up healthy and strong. I coerce you into eating my poo because I miss being close to you…I choo choo trainfuls of poo into your mouth and praise you for being a good boy!

Mommys Massive Shit Snack - PrincessPuckie