Sperrgebiet Erotik 1 – FULL MOVIE (Ultra Rare with Fanny Steel)

Sperrgebiet Erotik 1

Sperrgebiet Erotik 1

The very first Sperrgebiet Erotik movie with lot of short scenes. There are group scats, scat dominations, shit into mouth directly, cock and ball torture & bondage, shit eating, fully shit covered bodies, anal stretching and fisting, BBW scat, vomit and everything that you can imagine and can’t even imagine.

Part 1 : Young blonde girl shit on a guy’s stomach and smudge the shit over his body. The second scene is a thresome scat domination with a MILF domina in fishnets and a young blonde girl who receive shit direct to her mouth, then smears it on her body. The third is a girl-guy scat play, and the last is a girl-girl.


Part 2 : A classic german scat montage video. In the first scene a pregnant girl with hot prego tits laying on a plastic sheet and get a pee to his body which get shiny and vet. The second scene a guy’s cock and ball get tied by a string very tight. The third scene a blonde girl drink pee direct from an other’s pussy. The fourth is on a table where a girl shit into a plate. And there are more scenes in this montage.


Part 3 : Fanny and Titus Steel (Venus Award winner) playing with two Barbie dolls, while she blows him, he puts her a doll’s leg in her asshole, fucking first fanny, then he lifts the skirt of Barbie doll and squirts on her pussy. Finally Fanny shits on both dolls and plays with them.


Part 4 : There are lot of scenes in this classic german scat video. The first is a cock trampling with a young tattooed guy. The second scene a girl with pee covered hair receive faeces to her mouth directly. The third scene a guy with pornstache get split in his mouth. And there are more scenes. The longest is with an anal stretcher which gets filled with pee, then her ass and legs get covered with shit completely.


Part 5 : There are 3 scenes in this classic german scat movie. In the first an old man laying on the ground in the nature and get shit to her mouth from a young, chubby girl. Then a really overweight BBW granny comes and shit a lot to his body which get smeared. The next scene is on the hood of a car where a girl shit on it. The last scene is a scat domination with a guy in gimpsuit, a girl slave and a mistress and also lot of shit involved.


STARRING : Fanny Steel and other artists


COUNTRY : Germany

GENRES : Scat, Shit, Kaviar, Extreme, Fetish, Copro

LENGHT : 1 Hour 27 Minutes 51 Seconds

SIZE : 699,4 Mb