ScatLina – Pearl beads in shit (Piss and Scat, Full-HD 1080p / 1,17 Gb)

Long pearl beads… they fit so well in my white blouse and so excite me. At first I put them in my pussy, and then slowly pulled them out, now I want to feel them in my wicked ass. When I pulled them out with effort, I was very excited. Then I pulled them very tightly around my neck, strangled them a little and shit… yes… finally, the shit was in my hands. I mix poops with beads, first placing them in my pussy and start to enjoy its taste, cleaning the beads…


Special Christmas Dinner – Milla, Chimeny, Isa Blue, Bianca Santos, Saori Kido, MARCELLA SCHULTZ (4k Ultra HD-2160p / 3,75 Gb) NEW

After a big Christmas Dinner, Marcella, Bianca, Isa, Saori and Chimeny are chatting about how full and satisfied their stomachs are after such a delicious meal. Milla, their maid, interrupts their talk to ask if there’s any food left for her and, of course, the answer is no. Not to let their serving girl hungry, they decide to give her some of the food they ate. They promise to serve her a special Christmas dinner she won’t ever forget. They start asking her to kiss their butts and the next step is… Guess what? Piss and Scat! As good mistresses, they give some champagne they drank, coming directly from their pussies. The girl has to drink the piss and if she spits, she has to lick the floor. They couldn’t forget about the food too! So they poop on her mouth, hands and body, rubbing the scat all over her and making her eat every single part of that delicious meal. To end the dinner with mastery, they make her eat scat and drink piss, to complete it eating their food and drinking their champagne. What a great Christmas gift for the maid! Don’t you think so?


Our morning Breakfast (ModelNatalya94) from 21 of May 2018

My girlfriend Caroline and Alisa stayed at my house overnight, in the morning I got up and invited my friends for Breakfast but not as usual with a Cup of coffee and a sandwich, I invited the friends to sit in his own shit for Breakfast. Carolina Alice thought about it and agreed, we set the table and put on the table three empty plates and two glasses, we sat down at a table and I first raised the hem of his robe and took a shit and pissing in a plate, Oh yeah morning shit, it is just great that smell you can not imagine, after I got to Carolina and took off my panties and I told her podstavili to the butt plate and Carolina took a shit in a bowl, then Caroline took the glass and filled the glass of urine, then Carolina put your panties in the dirty ass. Well, finally it was the turn of Alice, Alice stood up and raised her mini skirt revealing his ass, she framed the butt plate and Alice filled shit his plate, then Alice took a glass and poured the urine down his glass. The three of us sit at the table and we all have a lot of shit on our plate, we pick up Cutlery and start eating shit for Breakfast. Oh, how fucking delicious it is, Alice Carolina and I eat our own shit in the morning and drink our piss. I ate my own shit, and I helped my friends eat shit, I took some shit from Carolina and Alice. We had a tight Breakfast of shit and we didn’t want to eat anymore we just enjoyed the Breakfast.

Starring: Girls from ModelNatalya94 (aka VipmodelNata) –

Released: 21 of May 2018


Three girls eating their own shit (ModelNatalya94) From 21 of May 2018

I and my girlfriend Alice and Caroline decided to throw a party, I offered to order some sushi and wine and Alice said that sushi and wine is obvious, let’s better we will eat and drink their own shit and drink urine, we thought about it and agreed, we set the table put the cups and plates, I light candles, I am the first who has loaded up his plate of shit and glass of piss behind me did Alice, and then Carolina, then we took up the spoon and began to eat his own shit and drink their own urine, we like to eat shit and drink urine, we fully got his own shit, almost to the end drank urine, I think our evening was a success and everyone was happy.

Starring: Girls from ModelNatalya94 –

Release Date: 21 of May 2018