[Unchained Perversions Sex And Sub] Nataly Gold – BATHROOM DEEPTHROAT PUKING ON DICK (4k UHD)

Nataly is a sexual slave for debts. Her friend and personal lawyer Andy, payed for all her play debts, but imposes her a sexual servitude. He treats her like his personal slut, to use as a sexual toy when he needs to satisfy his perversions. Nataly is today in a sexy lingerie.

The lawyer calls her and receives her in a “luxury apartment”: his studio bathroom.

When the man enters the room, he orders Nataly yo get on her knees and suck it deep. She is so elegant and lofty, but she musts execute his orders.

The man suddenly starts to stuff the dick in her mouth brutally. Nataly gas on dick and pukes like a possessed. The man doesn’t care about that and continues, harder and harder. He pushes her head on the sink and sticks his dick in her throat like a slut cunt.

She continued vomiting, again and again. Her body is in a mess, as the floor. The man continues the throat fuck, even more roughly if it is possible.

Finally he cums in her throat, making her spit the cum on dick and drink it again. Then he keeps fucking her throat with his hand!! The lofty girl is now a degraded bitch!

Released: 2018