[2018] Milana Smelly – 4 girls – torment and pleasure! (Poo19.com) 1,90 Gb / HD-720p

4 girls – my new record! They raped me with a mob! At first the girls in turn told what they ate yesterday and said they wanted to shit and showed their asses in panties. Then we went to the studio and the girls took turns using me! I felt the taste of the shit of the new girl Lisa – and now I know for sure that every girl has her own unique, individual taste! Liza’s shit was not sweet, not sour, not bitter – I almost did not feel his taste. All girls have a unique taste and it is very addictive – the desire to experience a new taste! This time I decided not to tie my eyes to enjoy the look of their beautiful asses and look like shit. Congratulate me – I have a new girl – Lisa! She is a real angel, her voice is divine, her shit is sweet nectar and she has a very luxurious girlfriend that you will soon see! I was very fortunate that I found it and can enjoy meetings with it – I hope you will also appreciate the beauty of Lisa! This is the best way to spend time with girls! They fart and stink – but for me they are the most delicious! It was scary, but the desire to feel their tastes and the fact that now I will be used by 4 girls was stronger. I did not know what they prepared for me – but I knew that I would eat all their delicacies – it’s my duty!

Starring: Milana Smelly
Genres: Scat, Piss, Sperm, Group Shitting, Domination, Eat shit, Smearing
True Release Date and Year: 2018


[2019] Fetish Zone – Quickly Eat shit and drink piss (1,37 Gb) FHD-1080p

Cute, curvy girl Monica pee and poo in container under table… Then the girl orders to eat it all! Laura eats the shit straight off the spoon for the spoon and then she eats shit quick! Then Laura smears shit on her own face, lips… At the end of the clip Laura poops out of her mouth!!! Have you ever seen how poop from the mouth!?? Laura will show!!!

Starring: Fetish Zone
Genres: Piss, Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing, Toilet Slavery, Pee
True Release Year: 2019