[2018] Miss Anja – Blonde Shitting Huge Destroy Her Panty Smearing (Full Edition in HD-720p / 1,56 Gb)

StarringMiss Anja
Genres: Scat, Piss, Big shit, Solo, Panty, Smearing
Release Date: 2018

I love this video too Smile I wear light coloured bikini with knee socks and white sneakers. I tease you with my sexy moves, showing off my ass, tits… I’m sure you wanna see me when I shitting into my cute panty. Do you? Smile I feel have big poo inside me. I’m looks so innocent blonde girl but I’m not, I turn to be a filthy girl what you wanna see so bad dirty boy. I encourage you to stroke your hard cock for me. You cannot stop jerking for me even if I say. But I wont. I’m your nasty girl. And this innocent look girl shows off her filthy side Smile Jerk it for me up and down… I feel i cannot hold my poo so while I talking to you I turn back to cam my panty still on and I start to shitting in my cute panty. You get nice view always. I push it so hard a bit hard poo come out of my tight asshole. You can admire I fill up my panty with yummy poo. Peeing too. Then I smearing my poo, I want soak my panty in this dark shit. So I do big smearing and destroy my panty. But hope you’re still stroking while you watching me… I take off half way my dirty panty and you get nice view to my shitty ass and panty. I keep smearing make bigger mess. Then take my panty off and smearing more poo on my tights and ass. I tell you keep stroking your cock and watch my messy body, I want you to cum over on me. I am your dirty Princess… I give you cum countdown at the end. And you’ll expload me:) On the final scene I show my shitty dirty ass. Sexy video with dirty talk, destroy my panty and big shitting with crystal clear details. HD quality. Enjoy it:) With lots of love from me!


[2018] MilanaSmelly – Very cool toilet for 6 girls! (Poo19.com) HD-720p / 1,85 Gb

Genres: Scat, Piss, Big shit, Domination, Eat shit, Smearing
Release Date: 4-th of November 2018

The girls were very aggressive and they brought tons of shit in their asses! You need to really love the taste and smell of female shit to do it with 6 girls! Prelude: At first, the girls decided to have fun! Christina and Kira rode him like a horse, he loves when the mistress’s soft ass sits on his back. Kira spat on the floor and ordered lick spit! Lera sweet farted! And many more interesting things…


[2018] Milana Smelly – Usual morning 5 girls. Part 5. Liza (Poo19.com) HD-720 / 354,61 Mb

StarringMilana Smelly
Genres: Scat, Piss, Solo, Smearing
Release Date2018

This morning you will spend with the girls! They have recently woken up and have not yet visited the toilet. They walk around the house in their underwear and without it because there are only girls in the house! They wash and prettify themselves before going outside they want to look beautiful, but now they are sleepy, they have a morning smell from the mouth, snot in their noses and they want to shit…


Miss Anja – Dirty Anal Surprise + Sucking Messy Dildo (HD-720p)

Starring: Miss Anja
Genres: Scat, Piss, Spit, Big shit, Fisting, Solo, Panty, Dildo, Smearing
Release Date: 2018 december

I think it’s a pretty sexy scat and messy anal video. Just wear only a pair if panty at starting. Well I tell you I have a big surprise for you. I know how good after a long and tiring day get a nice surprise. So you just coming home baby and I tell you, i’m so horny and wanna give you a little gift. I know you love dirty anal playing so this time you’re dream come true. I tease you with taking off my pants showing ass,asshole, you know well cannot resist me. Dont try it at all, just go me with me. I start sucking that hard dick of yours, good isn’t it? Then penetrate into my wet pussy, feel so good do you agree? After tasting my pussy I tease you from behind just playing with your hard cock between ass cheeks. You’re impressed don’t you? So then I pooping on your dick baby and you could feel my warm turd what’s feeling so nice. Are you ready to penetrate your cock into my dirty asshole? Of course you do, I just fuck myself with my dildo and gaping many times. Tell me baby did I surprise you with this naughty and messy anal playing? Now you can relax with me was such a long day. I fuck myself ass till I have anal orgasm and your dick just getting harder and harder. After I cum take out my dildo and I start to sucking them. I imagine this is your cock in my mouth. At the end I want to to cum in my mouth so sucking your dirty poo covered cock. Encourage you to cum for me, spit it on feet times just make it slippery and at the end of our filthy playtime you come directly into my mouth.
Hope was a nice surprise baby 🙂