[2019] Newest Scat Video with HotDirtyIvone – Hard attack of diarrhea (495 Mb)

Hello… I am again in my toilet. This time after hard medicines. I have a conspilatin couple days. Stomach hurts me to much. I go to the doctor and he give me some tablets. I swallow this and after three hours I really need go to the toilet. So I run there… I feel weak but need to fight. I have hard attack of diarrhea. Not one time… I was so loud and my liquid brown was so stinky. Loud, very loud…

Genres: Scat, Piss, Farts, Diarrhea, Solo
Release Date: 14 of April 2019


[2019] Shitting in the living room with Saori Kido (799 mb)

Saori has a lot of things to do today and a lot of e-mails to answer on her phone… But unfortunately, she’s not feeling well. Her belly hurts and it’s way too swollen, but there’s no medicine for her to take and feel better. She slaps her belly and does a lot of positions to release her farts, making the living room smell putrid. Saori even takes off her panties to make them go out easily, but between one gas and another, a little bit of shit starts coming out. She smells and licks it, still feeling pain and deciding to shit right there, in the middle of the living room. The brown sticky thing comes out of her ass, forming a mount of scat that Saori delights herself with. She eats, rubs all over her body and ever masturbates using it!…

StarringSaori Kido
Genresnelion.me, Scat, Piss, Vomit, Farts, Fetish, Fisting, Solo, Eat shit, Smearing
Release Date: 2019


[2019] Princess Puckie – Big Farty Dump in Leggings (919 mb)

These tights are so clean! So new and fresh, just washed…I wonder what would happen if I released my rank butthole on them?? I start bellowing out big farts and bubbly toots as I shove my beautifully clad ass in your face. Shiny black leggings so tight on my body as I slowly move my butt back and forth full frame in the camera. The focus is on my ass and upper thighs in the tights for the first 7 minutes (with three quick teasing reveals of my gorgeous bare ass, twice as it farts) as I talk dirty and run my hands along my butt. About 3 minutes in I start talking about the shit backed up inside me and how bad I want to unleash a huge dump in these tights! “I’m such a dirty, dirty girl making a mess, I can’t help myself, I want to trash these leggings! God that would be so hot having a steamy pile of shit fall out of my butt! Wouldn’t that be so sexy? I just want the stink to cling all over me, dripping in my own rankness.” “Are you ready for the big stink? It’s definitely gonna be a big, fat one! I love how my ass talks to you, it wants to release. Omg I can’t stop farting… lil burps from my butthole!” Around the 7minute mark I dump a huge load in my leggings! But you can’t see it until I reach in my leggings and pull it out from my butt! It’s a MASSIVE SOFT DUMP I smear ALLL over my spandexed ass as I swear and talk filthy. Then I slowly take my leggings off my butt and spread my bare poopy butt cheeks for you, they’re SO COATED in RICH DARK POO.. You watch my asshole wink open up to reveal a bit more poop and then I pee! “I made such a poopy mess!!” I finally bend over all the way to smile at the camera and say goodbye.

Featuring over 30 farts and toots, destroyed black spandex tights, huge dump, dirty talk, asshole winking and gorgeous close-ups…

StarringPrincess Puckie
Genres: Scat, Piss, Fetish, Farts, Leggins, Solo, Smearing
Release Date: 2019


[2019] ChubbiBunni – Up Close Menstrual Poo Smear (735.75 mb)

I feel so cute and playful in my favorite dress today when I have the urge to poop. I can’t wait to push my load out and play with it by pushing my turds back into my butt. The sensation and pain of doing it is making me so damn horny that I use my glass toy to make myself orgasm.
Definitely a video that left my asshole sore and slightly torn…

Starring: ChubbiBunni
Genres: Scat, Farts, Fisting, Big shit, Solo, Hairy pussy, Dildo, Smearing
Release Date24 of March 2019


[2019] ModelNatalya94 – Loud farting from three friends (FHD / 1,11 Gb)

StarringModel Natalya 94
Genres: Scat, Piss, Farts, Big shit, Enema, Lesbian, Diarrhea, Smearing
Release Date: 19 of feb. 2019

Welcome, our dear fans. In this video, you will see our big asses and hear a loud fart. Yana, Alice and Carolina bought a pump and decided that it was time to use it. The girls stripped and released their asses and they will use them as a musical instrument. First there was Alice, she was the first to set up her ass for using the pump. Jana pumped Alice in the ass, and then Alice let out a loud fart when she let the air out of her ass. She didn’t go to the toilet and that’s why the shit and urine came out with the air. She stood on Caroline and therefore all the shit and urine poured on the body of Caroline. Then Yana was pumped with air, and she also let out loud noises from her ass. Next was Caroline’s ass, she was also pumped with air, and along with the shit, this air broke out. Splashes scattered in different directions and fell on her friends. Yana, Alice and Carolina really enjoyed this fun game. We hope to use this pump more than once and make a video for you!


[2019] Love Rachelle – Nun Shit Smear (Full-HD-1080p / 492,45 Mb)

StarringLove Rachelle
Genres: Scat, Big shit, Farts, Solo, Fetish, Dildo, Smearing
Release Date17 of february 2019

Do you think nuns never have any fun, sinner? Well, let me enlighten you. I’ll show you just how dirty this nasty nun slut can get! Afterall, I can do enjoy the sins of the flesh… and my punishment afterwards, as well. I show you the blasphemy of my mortal sins–enjoying a plug up my ass, fingering my pussy… even smacking my clit with the cross, and sucking it off. O, forgive me God! I know the way to temptation… and the way back to your forgiveness, so I’m clearly not too tortured. I *really* intend on seeing just how far I can push Christ’s forgiveness of my vile licentiousness tonight…. by shitting on the floor and smearing it all over my holy ass! Ooh, my shit stinks so richly, and feels so warm and good, slathered all over my sinful ass. Whatever will I do to earn God’s forgiveness now?