[2019] BigTitsAlisa – My dirty young body (985 mb)

I like to play with my own shit, I like to cover my young body with shit. This time I’m posing for you in a red dress in purple Thong, and red shoes. I gradually take off my clothes, now I’m in front of you in my panties, I move my panties and show you my ass and pussy, I like to pose for you. But the panties are superfluous in this video I take off my panties and sit down in front of the camera and arrange my legs and start to shit and piss, Oh yeah I’m very excited that you look like my ass comes out shit and just like my pussy pours urine, I piss and shit just for you, a lot of shit and I take shit in my hands and start to smear shit on my body, I completely cover shit your body, chest, stomach, legs,ass, and I’m fucked…

Genres: Scat, Piss, Fetish, Solo, Pantypooping, Squirt, Masturbation, Smearing
Release Date: 2019


[2019] BigTitsAlisa – Alice in the image of a nurse (977 mb)

Do you like to look at girls who are dressed beautiful even I would say erotic underwear from a sex shop themed? I bought myself this and now I appear before you as a nurse, I have a beautiful outfit for sex parties, but I want to show it to you. First of the video I communicate with you, allegedly you are at my reception and I want to know what hurts you. Imagine that you are sitting in a chair and before you stands a half-naked nurse or a doctor after our discussions, I pose for you, show you her gorgeous outfit and your body, then you’re asking me so I climbed up on the table and showed you my big chest, I bare it to you to enjoy, then you ask me to I’m wearing rubber gloves I’m happy to wear them you can’t contain yourself and you want me to fuck first in the pussy then in the ass rubber member, I’ll do whatever you want as long as you’re happy with me. I enter myself first in the pussy rubber cock and fuck myself for you, then I get cancer on my knees on the table and enter the rubber cock in my ass and start fucking myself prevents me from fucking myself well full ass shit, I pull the rubber dick out of my ass he’s all in shit more precisely his head, then I’m standing cancer on the table shit and piss on the table, Oh yeah that’s a thick turd comes out of my ass soon she came out so I could continue to fuck myself in the dirty ass, I push hard and I get it and it works, I shit and piss on the table , now I can fuck myself in the ass with a rubber dick, I enter first in the ass one rubber dick and the other in my pussy and fuck myself with two members at once as it is called double penetration, do you like to look at me? You want to continue with the bad nurse ? If Yes then write me. And I will fulfill your every whim…

Genres: Scat, Piss, Big shit, Squirt, Solo, Fisting, Dildo, Panty, Smearing
Release Date31 of March 2019


[2019] ChubbiBunni – Up Close Menstrual Poo Smear (274,26 mb)

You only see me take the tampon out and rub it around a little bit. No, blood doesn’t ooze out the whole video. Some don’t like menstrual stuff so here’s your warning.
My period makes me so horny and always makes me need to poop. So I take my tampon out and have a little fun. First I push all my poop out, then I smear it all over my pussy. The heat from my shit feels so good, especially while I’m cramping. What makes it feel even better is using my glass toy to stimulate my G-spot while rubbing hot poo on my clit. I cum once but it’s not enough. I start stimulating my G-spot even faster until I cum again… hard enough to squirt. Yes, I did get a little bit of poop in my pussy and I show you on my glass toy…

Genres: Scat, Piss, Fisting, Big shit, Blood, Solo, Squirt, Dildo, Smearing
Release Date22 of March 2019


MissAnja – Cover My Pussy With Shit, Fingering, Orgasms (HD 720p / 750,24 Mb)

Here is another pussy smear with thick shit video. Wearing bra and put on white rubber gloves. Seduce you and tell you this is your lucky day, but actually when you watch me what else can be if not your lucky day. Show you pussy and already shit baked asshole as I really have to poo. I just lay on back and lift up one of my leg and seriously surprised me that I released my poo faster than expected. I told you by the way have to shit. And now coming the dirtier part of this sexy video. After shitting hold in gloves hands this soft pile of shit. I’ve made my poo spreadable again, love it. And while I spread my legs to get access to holes smearing lots of shit on pussy, ass, inner tights. Very hot and delicious poo cover my pink pussy. Smearing slowly I just take my time and start to excite and rub my clit, pussy is juicy already. Then slide fingers into and fingering myself Until I have orgasm, wet squirt orgasm. I repeat it 2 times because I tell you I want more and till I fingering my shit covered pussy tell you how much you wanna fuck me, how much you want to feel your dick in my dirty pussy? Would it be so much fun. Sensual shit smeared pussy fuck. I ask you you can cum with me if you want, then I put my finger into asshole and keep fingering it. You can hear me moaning a lot during pussy and asshole fingering. You also able to see barefoot and pink toes and the video is such a close up. I want you to see my yummy shitty pussy close up. Thick shit on it. After play time I smudge more shit deep into my skin and show you pink pussy under my shit. Hot, sexy and dirty shit covered pussy play video…