MistressGaia – ACHING BALLS & SCAT LUNCH [1,01 Gb / 1080p]

You will kneel before me as I sit on my throne. I’m going to give you specific instructions as I prepare you. Firstly, it is important to understand how fortunate you are to be beneath me as I begin. You are allowed to take out you cock but don’t touch it without my permission. I will tease you and make you suffer until you are desperate to cum. I begin with a little striptease. As I remove my stockings, I can see in your eyes you would like to touch me. I continue until my beautiful body is naked. I am going to prepare a delicious lunch for you. So I piss in a bottle, and shit in your little lunchbox. However, as my slave your going to have to perform a task for me. You will get some cord and tie it tightly around you balls until they change colour, preferably purple. Then you will get a wooden spoon or similar, and beat you balls at least (forty times) until they ache. Only after that time, you may open your lunch box, and pee bottle. You now have my permission to cum. How fortunate a slave you are to have this experience with Mistress Gaia.

Starring: MistressGaia
Genres: Scat, Piss, Big Pile, Solo, Smearing, Fetish, Indoor, FHD-1080p
True Release Date/Year:unknown


PooAlina – Toilet slave swallows Alina shit from toilet [403 Mb / FullHD]

Alina sweetly pooping into the toilet and feeding the shit to the toilet slave. Alina in the morning strongly wanted pooping, but endured until the evening. While at work she periodically wanted to fart and for this she left the office to not poison her colleagues with gas with her gas. Personal toilet slave Alina came in the evening to serve her as a toilet. Alina powerfully pooping into the toilet and fed the slave with her liquid and very smelly shit.

Starring: Poo Alina – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/poo-alina/ (press for more videos with Alina)
Genres: Scat, Diarrhea, Smearing, Domination, Eat shit, Fetish, Indoor, FHD-1080p
True Release Date/Year:unknown


[unknown] Milana Smelly aka Poo19.com – Shitting directly from ass to slave stomach (673 Mb) 1080p

Shitting directly from ass to slave stomach. Today Mrs. Karina and Lassie went shopping for half a day. They are very tired. Especially legs. But the girls are very happy that they have a slave with whom they can have fun, which will massage their legs, and which will allow them to use his mouth instead of the toilet. This time, the Mistresses did not want to waste time feeding the slave with spoon or spatula. And they wanted to have as little smell as possible. Therefore they forced the slave to take their shit on an accelerated basis. He had to swallow their shit immediately after it came out of their asses. This task was not easy, because both Karina and Lassie gave the hard and very smelly nasty shit. But the slave had to cope with this, because he must do everything so that the Mistresses would be pleased.

Starring: Milana Smelly also known as Poo19.com
Genres: Scat, Piss, Spit, Group, Domination, Indoor, Eat shit, Smearing
True Release Date: unknown


[2017] Xrussianbeautyx – Loud Wet Farts In Tights (487 Mb) HD-720p

These are the wettest and longest farts I have ever recorded! I had the worst stomach cramps today and was completely bloated! I have been producing some of the loudest and wettest farts all day! You get to see how bloated I am and I talk about how much pain I am in from being so bloated. Unable to hold any of my farts back, I let out tons of extremely loud, stinky and wet farts right into your face. I comment on how good it feels to finally let them out. I then begin to mention how smelly the farts are and how they are filling up the entire room. Given how wet the farts are, I had to check my panties quite a few times to ensure that more than just farts did not come out! At the end I let out and extremely wet fart that left a mess in my panties! I had to run off and change them after that!

Starring: Xrussianbeautyx
Genres: Scat, Piss, Solo, Self Filming, Posing, Indoor, Pantypooping, Farts
True Release Date: October 252017