Welcome to your new life toilet slave (Dirty Maryan) FHD

Welcome to your new life, toilet slave! You thought I would let you go home after this session, but you are so wrong! You are now my property. You will be locked forever and hooded permanently. You will lose your humanity. You are nothing to me but a toilet. Forget about eating fresh food because from now on you will only eat from my garbage can and consume my divine waste!

You have no name anymore. You are less than a rat, less than an insect. You are the inferior sex.Eating my waste is now your only purpose in life. You will spend the rest of your life beeing fed by me. You will consume my delicious caviar, golden nectar and my period blood.

Don’t you wanna eat my divine waste? Beg me to squat over your face and empty my bowels in your wide opened mouth! I will feed you now, toilet slave! Stop moving! You know there is no escape!

Feel the warm shit slide into your mouth. This is the highlight of your existence! Swallow everything and lick my ass clean. Enjoy every second of this moment out of your cage!

Cast: Dirty Maryan – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/dirty-maryan/


Pooping 2 times and putting finger in asshole (Dirty Maryan)

In the first scene I shit my ass facing you in my bathroom. A nice thick log comes out from my asshole and then I have to piss. I take my ass cheeks and spread them up, showing you my asshole. I stick a finger inside my asshole and show you my dirty finger. I repeat the process one more time, my finger is still dirty. I show you my poop from a closer angle so you can appreciate all the details of what just came out from my ass.

In the second scene I squat over a plate facing you. I take a shit in the plate and then pee in a plastic container. I wipe my ass and show you the toilet paper. I go on the floor and show you my swollen asshole and strain my butthole. A little bit of shit comes out. I stick a finger in my ass. I love the feeling of my finger in my ass when I just pooped! I wipe my ass again and show you the dirty paper. Then show you my shit close-up and at the end put my hand next to it so you can have an idea of its size.

Cast: Dirty Maryan – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/dirty-maryan/


The Fart Babes – Jeans Diaper Load (Full HD 1080p)

Today I’ve got my diaper on under my tight jeans outfit, and I fill it up with pee, farts and hot poop until it makes dirty bulges in them.

I love the tight feeling of the jeans squashing the wet and messy diaper against my butt. It’s harder to poop when it’s all so tight, but that just makes it so much more pleasurable and arousing, because I have to push harder, and the poop spreads out all hot and sexy feeling over my butt and between my legs.

Then I take down my jeans and set the wet and dirty diaper free, so you can see the big mess I’ve made in it. Goddess Panther is your dirty diapered Mistress, and you should follow her example and shit yourself in your pants and diapers like she does. Do it while you watch!

Cast: The Fart Babes – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/thefartbabes/


Milana Smelly – Comfortable live toilet for 3 princesses (FHD)

After this meeting, I realized that a good toilet slave should easily serve a minimum of 3 girls! The princesses drank coca-cola, laughed and joked while their girlfriend devastated her intestines into my mouth. The first was Jana – she did not finish the feeding and gave me to Christina. I had in my mouth the remains of Yana’s shit and on top a big pile of fresh shit from Christina – it was cool! The last was Amina – her shit was well-long-lasting, sweet and thick, but very tasty! Amina was the last, but I ate a lot of her shit. To girls did not see someone else’s shit, I built a comfortable bed with a partition – so that the girls could only see their shit. The girls filled me with their shit and left.

Cast: Christina and Jana and Amina – https://copro.pw/category/pornstars/milana-smelly/ (more videos here)

Released: 27 of April 2018