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Today @ DungeonRoma, I have a couple of slaves that I need to make familiar with each other. I’m going to allow them to enjoy each others company. However, not in the way they think. I have placed a dildo gag on my male slave. It’s a nice tight fit and he can just about get enough air to breathe. My female slave is also going to be used and abused. Using her mouth, I make her slide a condom over the dildo and they become one. She has to suck on the dildo, and she can only gargle while he gives her a nice deep throat fucking. I so enjoy watching them both choke each other. Then it’s time to change things up. I get my female bitch to kneel with her ass nice and high, then my dildo slut has to slide the dildo into her ass. I give them a little assistance, as I push his face tighter into her butt, and it’s so amusing seeing him smother while his face gets fully jammed in her juicy ass. I also use my flogger on them to make sure they follow my instructions. This has been thirsty work for both of them. So I have decided to give out a little reward. I strap a pee funnel to the face of my female slave, then tell her to kneel beneath my pussy. She is now going to have the luxury of enjoying swallowing my warm amber nectar. As I pee into the funnel, I see it quickly drain away. What a thirsty slut she is! Finally, I remove the dildo gag from the other slave and let him lick the dregs of my delicious pee from the floor…

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