ModelNatalya94: Yana has a mouthful of shit and vomit ($19.99 ScatShop)

In this video participate : Yana , Carolina and Alice . Do you like to watch when girls Carolina and Alice use Yana as their own toilet ? If Yes ? That’s the video for you . First video girls breast Yana , then Carolina becomes a cancer on the knees and raises the hem of her nightie , as well cancer to get on her knees Yana , Yana begins to caress the tongue holes of his girlfriend Caroline , Alice, at this point, picks up the rubber dick and Fucks Ian first in the pussy then in the ass rubber member . At that moment when Alice Fucks her friend with a rubber dick , Yana caresses Caroline’s ass , Caroline asks to open Yana’s mouth and Yana gladly does it , Caroline fills Yana’s mouth with shit , she just uses her friend’s mouth as her own toilet , Yana has a mouth full of shit , and the girl asks Yana to sit on the floor , Yana sits down . Carolina also picks up a rubber dick and Fucks Jan in the pussy , at this moment Alice pushes with a rubber dick shit Yana deep in the throat, Yana can not hold it and Yana is sick, Yana mouth vomits along with shit, Oh yeah Yana all in vomiting and she likes it , Alice again enters into the mouth Yana rubber cock and again Yana is sick and tears . Yes, that show is staged by Yana , Caroline and Alice , then Alice wants to use the toilet and she asks Ian to open his mouth , Ian throws back his head and Alice Jan shit right in the mouth , but Alice also used the mouth of his girlfriend as his toilet . Yana has again a mouth full of shit , Alice again takes the rubber cock in hand and pushes it deep into her mouth shit Yana , and Yana again sick , Ian all in the shit and vomit that’s great you like to look Pleasant to you of viewing !

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Length: 11:25s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 1 GB

Categories: Desperation, Groups/Couples, Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing, Toilet Slavery, Vomiting


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