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This was a custom video, no names are used.

“The video starts with your face filling the frame, saying that my mouth is going to be used for everything your body doesn’t need. Tell me that I will be eating your toenails, flaking skin and licking sweat and toe jam from your feet. Also tell me that I will be consuming your yellow juice and eating your shit, snot, spit, and sucking your tampons dry every single month.
Repeat that all while shooting a closeup of just your mouth.
Command me to get on my knees and begin worshiping your unpainted toenails.
Spend the next few minutes getting extreme closeups with your macro lens while focusing on your feet and unpainted toenails.
I really have a thing for unpainted toes so tell me they are are going to be one of my favorite meals. Take extreme closeups of any dry, rough skin you have on your toes, soles and heels and instruct me to lick it all off and eat it. Make me beg to worship your feet and serve you. Next, get out a pair of old flats and stuff them in my face. Tell me to breathe in their potent, dirty fragrance and then getting them nice and clean with my tongue. After that, stand up and hover over me. spread your ass and pussy while tell me I am going to become your toilet. Tell me I will be consuming your yellow juice and eating your shit and I will hold them in my mouth and savor it. Say that you will be making me hold it all in my mouth and savor it before I am allowed to swallow. Tell me that these are the holes I will be eating from now on.”

Special For You:  [] ki200808 Rina Akimoto (08.08.20, 720p)

Length: 17:10s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 1 GB

Categories: Pee, Poop Videos, Toilet Slavery


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