[ZRND-15] Yapoos’ Market Project Zero Next (h265 re-encode 1080p/60fps)

[ZRND-15] Yapoos’ Market Project Zero Next (h265 re-encode 1080p/60fps)

Description: (Google translated)
■ episode 1: Hardware specialist M host Ron, who belongs to the “Livestock Human Resource Dispatch Center”, receives a third delivery appointment including monitor use from Haruka, a beauty staff who works at a cosmetics company in Osaka City, and runs a car to Kansai. When I arrived at the meeting place, Haruka appeared with her company colleague Kokomi, who wants to relieve stress by bullying the M host as much as possible. Ron escorts them to a cottage house that has been arranged in advance for the center.

* Includes 3 forced-eating toilet bowl scenes!

Please make me a slave of yours ♂ Golden M Host Shit Fighting Chronicles 2 Days of Obedience and Masochism Part 1

Special For You:  20221108_121947_1 starring in video Dominatrix Zaida (Scatbook)

Starring: はるか (Haruka), ここみ (Kokomi, first appearance!)

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■ episode 1: 『家畜人材派遣センター』所属のハード専MホストRonは大阪市内の化粧品会社で働く美容部員はるかからモニター使用含め3度目のデリバリー指名を受け関西に向け車を走らせる。待ち合わせ場所に着くとはるかは一度Mホストを思う存分虐めてストレスを発散したいという会社同僚のここみと2人で現れる。Ronは予め手配してあったセンター御用達のcottage houseに2人をエスコートし入って行く‥。



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