(Winter 2017) Goddess Tempest Interview

Goddess Tempest Interview

Hello my dears 😉 Today I’am proudly present another exclusive interview for toilet-fetish lovers. This time we had the honor to speak with Goddess Tempest!

Goddess Tempest Interview

  1. Dear Goddess Tempest, could you introduce yourself ?

Hi everyone, my name is Goddess Tempest. I’m a 34 year old female from North-West, South Africa.

Fetish isn’t just a hobby for me. It’s a lifestyle I truly enjoy very much.

Human toilet slavery is something I have been active in since I was 19 and it’s by far my favorite fetish.

  1. When was the first time you heard about toilet slavery ?

I grew up in a very conservative home.

In my senior year of high school I started dating my new boyfriend (now my husband) and he was the one whom introduced me to the world of kink as well as toilet slavery.

  1. How did you get into full toilet play yourself ?

I was a few month shy of 19 when hubby (back then my boyfriend) told me about his kinks.

He introduced me to Devoted Sub (my current property and slave whom you’ll also see in my video’s).

Hubby was very patient with me because all of this was new to me, like a world I never knew existed.

It started out first with having my ass licked without taking a bath first. The thoughts of how “gross / wrong” it is raced through my mind and yet my own body betrayed me by getting aroused because it was so “wrong and taboo” The more I learned the more I wanted to learn.

Devoted Sub was with us a few months when I finally decided to give it a try by shitting directly into his mouth.

  1. Could you describe your first session ? How did it feel ?

It was less than a week after my 19th birthday.

By that time Devoted Sub have been serving us a few months. I moved in with hubby and for my 19th birthday hubby gave me Devoted Sub as a present.

Devoted Sub bowed at my feet and declared himself my property. I think it was 3 days after that I used his mouth as a toilet the very first time.

Hubby assisted by helping me positioning myself (I squatted over Devoted Sub’s open mouth).

It was nerve wrecking, you know that feeling of butterflies in your stomach the first time you kiss with tongue?

It was a lot like that, just much more intense. Looking down between my legs seeing my turd sliding out into his open mouth gave me actual shivers from excitement. I kept thinking to myself: “This is just wrong on so many levels but I LOVE it and don’t want to stop!”

Goddess Tempest

  1. Have you always been comfortable around your bowel moments ?

You’ll find this hard to believe but no I wasn’t.

I think it’s the whole perception we are raised with (shit is dirty, it’s waste and it’s dangerous and full of germs.) The whole concept of “Good girls don’t do that” It was when I met hubby that I learned how much fun it can actually be. He saw my kinky streak buried deep down and he helped me develop it.

  1. What do you like the most about feeding shit ?

How much time do you have ?


I’m really sadistic and I get extremely turned on seeing how my slave struggle to swallow my shit. I like restraining a slave and doing a direct force feed by sitting with my ass directly on his / her open mouth. I love that feeling against my anus as they gag while swallowing as my lower body goes numb from the pleasure of relieve as my bowel movement slides out. I have a spastic colon so it means it can be as long as 4 or 5 days before I have to shit. But when that happens my bowel movement is huge and extremely foul in smell and taste. I love how they squirm, gag and struggle under me as I push these huge loads out slowly without showing any mercy. I can bring myself to several orgasms this way. It’s just unfortunate that I can’t make video’s of these types of feedings as it is my favorite but the problem is since it’s such a direct feed you won’t see much. What I also love about this is that despite the discomfort for my slave he / she will do this willingly again and again and again. I love having that kind of control over another person that he / she will go so low as to offer their mouth for me as my toilet. The mere fact of having them crawl and beg at me feet just so they can eat my shit is very satisfying. It feels much better to take a slow satisfying shit into someone’s mouth rather than a cold porcelain bathroom toilet. I also enjoy a bit of torment, remain seated and between pushes ask them how bad it tastes. Then informing them I don’t care how bad it’s tasting, it feels good for me and what it taste like is their problem, not mine.

  1. What is your favorite texture to feed ?

I love it when it’s thick, yet soft. With those type of bowel movements it’s perfect because they are strong in taste and still solid enough that my slave have to chew quite a bit to get them down. It’s a very special feeling watching someone consume your entire bowel movement just to prove their devotion to you as your property.

  1. How do you slaves feel about getting fed ?

I’ve had a few toilet slaves over the years (including two females) but Devoted Sub has been my human toilet for 15 years. I think he said it best when he said that eating my shit is the true way of life. He is very devoted (that’s why I gave him that name) I honestly can’t remember the last time I used a regular toilet (unless it’s for a specific video production) I use his mouth every time I need to shit and he swallow like a champ. After a feeding he go clean his mouth properly in order to lick my ass clean afterwards. It is his way of saying thank you for the honor and privilege of being my toilet and eating my shit. Even though I do objectify my slave as a mere toilet I do like to keep it personal and not objectifying them completely. I sometimes have a conversation with my slave while he is licking my ass before I shit and sometimes even during the feed. I like to do this to remind myself it’s another person under me eating my shit out of devotion to me as his / her owner.

  1. Do you also like to fart on slaves ?

I’m not really that much into farting mainly because it doesn’t happen as often as I would like but it is fun to do it when the timing is right

Interview With Goddess Tempest

  1. Could you remember your greatest session ?

That’s a tough one because I love all my sessions. I’d say there are two that really stands out for me. One was during the training of Michelle whom wanted to be my female slave. I’ll always remember her gagging when I took a shit in her mouth the first time (I’m VERY sadistic lol) The other time was with my second female slave ****** (Name censored to protect her privacy). Unlike Michelle she passed my strict 6 month training program and she was my toilet for 18 months. A great job opportunity came her way and I released her from her contract. For her very last feeding I held it in for 5 or 6 days and restrained her in my toilet box leaving her helpless and at my mercy. I made it a very slow feed and I made sure to have eaten meals to make my stool as revolting in taste as humanly possible. Anyway, over the next 30 or so minutes I emptied my bowels about halfway. She got so desperate for me to stop she LITERALLY pushed her tongue into my anus trying to prevent the rest from coming out. So I told her if she doesn’t orgasm the next half hour I’d get up and she won’t have to consume the rest. I ordered Devoted Sub to perform oral sex on her and I kept saying things to arouse her. After 24 minutes she couldn’t hold anymore and she hit orgasm. So I simply started shitting again, my shit slowly forcing her tongue out of the way. Her muffled cries for mercy brought me to orgasm also. (Just to clarify, these types of play I always do with the slave’s consent)

  1. We’ve seen you’re also doing videos. Do you enjoy shooting these ?

Very much so! As a matter of fact I’m working on expanding my video productions so I can quit my vanilla job and concentrate on this full time. Lots of girls in South Africa turn to prostitution out of desperation after they finish school (we have the highest unemployment rate in the world) and my plans are to employ these girls full time so they don’t ruin their lives. This is my dream, building my production to the point where I can do this for a living as long as my body hold up lol

  1. How do you feel about the general acceptance of scat in our society ?

It’s very sad for me actually. In fact it makes me mad as hell. People don’t understand it and call all of us whom enjoy this type of sessions “SICK” Some go as far as saying anyone into scat needs professional help. I recently saw on a blog where a young girl (think she said she is 20) asked for help because her boyfriend asked her to poop in his mouth and she’s not sure if she must do it or not. She said they’ve been together for 3 years and she really loves him, she’s just scared she might cause a problem if she does this for him. You won’t believe the pathetic comments and answers on her question. People telling her to leave him because he is f*cked in his head etc. I got so pissed off I slammed my laptop shut. Hubby was dating me for 6 months before he told me about his fetishes. Was I shocked? OF COURSE! I thought to myself “How the hell can you like this!?” BUT I LOVE him and as hard as it was I gave it a try because that’s what you do as a loving couple, you compromise. And guess what? Turns out I love it a lot more than I ever though I would. If you told me 15 years ago that I would one day receive sadistic pleasure from using a person as a toilet I would’ve thought you were crazy. People should stop judging what they don’t understand. I make a point of it to educate people about this amazing fetish and the intense satisfaction you can get from it. In my case I use scat for my sadistic pleasures and I love doing it but remember scat and a human toilet slave play can also be an act of love between couples showing how deep their love are for each other by submitting as a toilet for each other. Showing your partner that nothing about him / her is too gross or taboo for you, not even the waste that comes out of their perfect body. This is why I have to hide my identity. As far as I know I’m the only producer of scat content in South Africa. If my true identity comes out I WILL lose my job as scat is VERY taboo here in SA. This is why I can relate to the gay / lesbian communities so much. As scat lovers I think we are where they were 50 years ago. We are “outcasts”

  1. Do you notice any difference when using another toilet slave ?

I don’t use others often as Devoted Sub is a live in slave for the past 15 years and you’ll look far to find a better toilet. I did have two female toilets over the years and I find using another woman is a more emotional. It also feels different because her face between your buttocks is softer and her lips sealing over your anus is softer and warmer as well. I’d say using a woman as toilet is more intimate.

  1. What kind of toilet slaves do you like the most ?

Those whom insist to learn to swallow for you out of pure respect and devotion but whom struggle a lot to control their gag reflex. I LOVE it when they struggle because it satisfy my sadistic need and they keep doing this for you to show you how inferior they are to you.

satisfy my sadistic

  1. Have you ever been a toilet for someone ?

Yes I have. I believe in order to be a good Top you need to know what your slave is experiencing. I asked my husband to shit in my mouth a total of 15 times (5 of those times I asked him to restrain me and do a direct force feed on me without showing any mercy) We filmed it every time and I watched it hundreds of times looking at my own facial expressions. This helped me a great deal to understand what my toilet slaves will go through once I do this to them.

  1. When will you be doing a lesbian scat video ?

I have a woman whom is interested in doing a scat video with me but she isn’t comfortable being bottom. I respect people’s limits. She will be doing rimming on me and I’ll also do a few scenes where I’m sitting on her face. She and I will both take turns to shit in my slave’s mouth though. It will be during this year, we are still discussing final terms as well as dates for these shoots.

  1. Do you have any advice for the guys that are wanting to be a toilet-slave ?

I am planning about writing a piece on this in detail in the near future and should we do a follow up interview one day then I would be able to provide a link. In short, this is where I really feel sorry for men in general because I feel they are many times exploited with this wonderful fetish. If a woman makes it perfectly clear on her account or profile she is looking for compensation it is fine but many string the poor guy along and then he finds out it’s going to cost him, A LOT! I even see mistresses telling newbie toilet slaves they will give them information and tips for compensation. If you are married or have a girlfriend PLEASE take my advice and start with HER. I know it’s hard but your best chance is with your own wife or girlfriend. Guys you can’t even begin to understand how 100% vanilla I was. If you are in a loving relationship tell her how much you love her, enough to share probably the biggest secret of your entire human life only with her and no one else. Do you know how much she will love & respect you for that? How special that will make her feel? Please trust me on this, even if she will never enjoy it you have much better chances of her doing this for you than finding a random woman on the internet you’ll be able to talk into this without some sort of compensation. You might just get the shock of your life, for all you know she might have a kinky streak buried deep within her that you just haven’t awaken yet. If you do strike out chances are she MIGHT be willing to let you visit another woman out there to do this for you on certain conditions. At the very least she might allow you to watch scat video’s, at least you won’t have to do it in secret with the fear of her catching you (eventually she will) and moving back to her mother. If you make us feel wanted and special you’d be surprised what we would be willing to do for you. If all of these fails or you are single and you do send a message to a woman whom might be willing to do this for you PLEASE be respectful. Don’t send messages like “Can I eat your shit?” “Can I be your toilet?” “Can I be your slave?” Guys, ask ANYONE, I’m SUPER NICE to people in general but I don’t waste my time or energy answering crappy (pun intended) messages like that. Show her you have a brain, be respectful and you will have a much better chance.

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