Svetlana – Liquid diarrhea in white panties (Russian Scat)

Liquid diarrhea

Today I had diarrhea , I couldn’t hold back the pressure of liquid shit , I spent the whole day shitting liquid diarrhea and my ass is not can not calm down . While there was a small gap, I turned on the camera and pressed the record button , you like when I shit in her panties , this time I’m wearing white underwear , panties and bra , on my feet I wore stockings and high-heeled shoes , and at first I pose for you take a variety of poses so you can enjoy the beauty of my body and underwear , and then I raise my legs up and then out of my ass shoots liquid diarrhea , you will be able to enjoy the view out of your ass, out diarrhea , my white panties turn brown shit . As for my legs and ass dripping diarrhea , I am again posing for you in the dirty shit panties , I stand up with cancer on his knees and take off panties and show you my dirty ass all in the shit . I love to spoil my underwear to shit and piss in it )

Liquid diarrhea in white panties (Russian Scat)