Groups of girls students bathing and pissing at onsen during school trip Part 2 (SL-209 – 7 Scenes)FullHD







Release Year: 2020
Genre: Scat, Piss, Solo, Big shit, Panty, Outdoor, Dildo, Smearing

Description:This work has returned with urine volume far exceeding the previous popular work. This is a certain ryokan in Kyoto. We heard that open-air baths are popular with school excursions. The feeling of liberation to stay away from parents and share with friends at night, the exhilaration of hot water set at a slightly higher temperature. They do not know that they are being secretly watched from the bushes of the neighborhood, while taking a long bath. They feel the bladder complaining of urination and their behavior seemed to embody. No shame during the trip! … This is exactly what is right for you… Piss being released from the open-air bath designed on a stilt, drawing a beautiful arch. Coming up with various poses just for fun. Also, urine output is pretty big, due to their young age and every girl is “Niagara”. READ MORE >>> Go to Preview and DOWNLOAD VIDEO FILE