SunnyBunzCamgirl Poop, Pee & One Cute Little Fart – Bathroom-Diary Style ($8.99 ScatShop)

HD – 1920 × 1080) This video is filmed on my high quality cell phone camera, bathroom-diary style.

I was hanging out at home with a friend this afternoon, chatting and catching up, when the urge to go caught up with me! I snuck off to the bathroom with my cell phone so I could share my elimination with you. As I start the camera recording on my phone, a smile spreads across my face in anticipation of revealing my super cute salmon undies with little bows, as I pull down my yoga pants and sit down on the toilet, placing the camera down on the ground, looking up between my legs. I stayed very quiet, except for the noises of my poop splashing down into the toilet and my pee flowing free. OH! And one tiny cute little fart too. 🙂 And of course lastly, for your enjoyment to cum on, I show you up close my knobby brown dump swimming in the piss in the bowl.

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I don’t think my friend will ever know what I was really up to in the bathroom, while she was patiently waiting for me to return to our “Netflix & Cookies” hangout sesh! Hahaha. My dirty little secret!
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Length: 2:38s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 32 MB

Categories: Efro, Poop Videos


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