Sarathonson – pooping on Medusa face ($24.99 ScatShop)

Get all 4 of my extra large and very sloppy panty shitting clips for the price of one, for a limited time.
24 mins total running time.

Videos Included in this sale:

1. Panty Shitting – Sheer Red Bikini
I show off my titties they are popping out of my black push up bra. I turn around ass to the camera and wiggle my booty. I have to shit so bad it’s been like 4 days since I last went and I push out a huge load of shit! it stinks so bad! You can hear my swollen asshole as it’s shitting and me moaning and grunting loud while I take my huge shit right in your face!

2. Bat Girl Panty Poop Pillow Hump
Pooping a huge load in my sexy sheer black Bat Girl panties, then riding and grinding and bouncing up and down on my pillow…getting my dirty poopy mess everywhere!

3. Big loud shit in my white lace boyshorts –
Watch me as I loudly fill my white lacy boyshorts with warm fresh shit! i take them off and show you the mess so I can tell you to clean them! I turn around and shake my shitty ass for the camera. 2 different camera angles!

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4. Clean My Dirty Poo Panties-
I want you to clean all the shit from my dirty white nylon and lace panties. do you think you can eat it all? I poop a monster size load of light brown soft poo in my panties then show you the huge poo load. I show you my dirty asshole and stick my finger in. I tell you to clean my panties and then I shake my shit covered ass for you!

Sarathonson – pooping on Medusa face

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