PUBLIC SHITTING AT MY SCHOOL!! starring in video FatTurdGirl ($14.99 ScatShop)



Guys you are crazy, but I finally did it 🥰🫣

I stuffed my belly with all those things that makes my turd FAT. Protein, seeds, psyllium husk. I started getting really gassy so as one of my favourite fan recommended me, I started taking gas-x. I have to be a good girl who doesn’t fart and poop. So I held it for 4 days. By the 3th day the urges became unbearable and my legs were shaking. Once the 6th day came, I rushed into a public restroom at my university where I had to hand in some documents for the next academic year and I started to give birth to 4 days of enormous, knobby turd. There were not many people around but I was scared nonetheless. I pushed as hard as I can to be quick. You can see how my tight little virgin shithole was deformed by the hard pushing 🥹

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