PrincessBabyLuna – Swallowing For The First Time ($29.99 ScatShop)

This uploaded video is a very authentic video of mine. I didnt had a script, i just wanted to try it and just let myself go.

In my first attempt (failed) some days ago, i tried to poo in a glass, sadly it fallen on the ground but i catched some poo in it.
My poo was pretty soft, so the taste and the smell is intense.
You can clearly hear that i am talking to myself while i am cleaning my butt (thinking of quit the video) but i decide to give it a try.
Taking a bit now on my finger and put it in my mouth. The flavour is extreme cause its soft poo and i couldnt take it.
Right before i felt the gagging reflex i spitted it in the glass and stopped the video.
My thought was not to upload this cause i wasnt happy with that, but the reddit people said i should do it.

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PrincessBabyLuna – Swallowing For The First Time

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