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Fundamental Human Rights 〜 女尊男卑 〜 chapter.03
Fundamental Human Rights Chapter ~ Women Are Superior to Men ~ Chapter 3

大塚麻美 (Asami Otsuka): Sadistin is the highest ranking member of the female worship society and a member of the former nobility. She uses her gentle smile and gentle voice to stop the male from letting his guard down…
ななこ (Nanako): Executive. She is a cruel angel who hunts dung bulls in the entertainment area as a butterfly of the night. She is a death-trained heroine who is good at violence…
麻宮心音 (Asamiya shin’on): Executive. While working at Nanako’s shop, she is attracted to perverted sexual desires that flock to dating sites. She traps the possessed bastards.
久我かのん (Kuga Kanon): Executive. She pretends to be a prostitute and makes the shitty customers who appear every night sink into hell. A psycho killer who gathers bulls with eros as his honey.
中邑さつき (Satsuki Nakamura): A girl who fights in an unreasonable world ruled by bullshit. She happened to find this organization on the internet and visited it and became a comrade of hers. She studies under Asami and grows…

Description: (Google translated)
The screams of the bastards echo in the processing plant, where the flower of the whip is in full bloom. A safety pin closes her mouth, and the merciless torture continues on her swollen body. Even such a bastard is relieved, and the sex treatment of the queen is the only blissful time. However, the useless broken toilet is disposed of, and the bastard who attempts to escape is sentenced to a purgatory of collective responsibility… The punishment was to burn the animals at the same time, whip them, and beat them. Take a look at the new world’s human rights declaration, “Respect the queen and despise the male.”

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