Peteuse – Peteuse Funnel Torture on Toilet Chair ($8.99 ScatShop)

Wow you are in the perfect place, where you dream of always being poop slave! I put you under my toilet chair to endure my ‘funnel torture,’ a real treat for you, shit pig! Lie down and open wide, I am sticking that funnel into your gullet and you will have NO CHOICE but to swallow every last bit of my glorious sloppy shit load!

The pressure to swallow grows greater and greater as more and more shit lands in the funnel, pushing its way into your toilet throat. Enjoy the view and the humiliation of suffering through my shit funnel task! HAHAHAA Watch it all come out, and you are even temporarily blinded by a glop of shit .Then you need to clean my ass as I spread my cheeks for you. Good toilet doggy!!!

Special For You:  menstruation, long shit, pop a bottle in my ass starring in video p00girl | October 22, 2022 ($9.99 ScatShop)

peteuse – Peteuse Funnel Torture on Toilet Chair

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