Mycelium_Mother – Femme Fatale of Feces ($9.99 ScatShop)

Custom Order: “you are still an executrix/femme fatale who is payed to some specific target by a different organisation than before. Since you take some deep pleasure of taking care of these one and that you love sitting on the toilet taking a good dump, you change your method and thought about doing both at the same time. So you have a small secret underground location just under your toilet where you hold your prisonner who is tied in this location and his head is just fixed in the toilet bowl, ready to recieve your gift. You come in the bathroom wearing a tight skirt with a sexy top with a cleavage and some high heels to. You come near the toilet and smirking evilely looking down in the bowl, looking your prey, you give him a fuck fingers and spit in the bowl, directly on his face. Make yourself in position as you take down your thong while sitting down, shaking your ass while going down on the seat for some teasing, hoping he like the view 🙂 and plop your big butt on the seat “ahh…here we go” you sais smiling, quite excited to start it.take the magazine who is around start to read it as you let out a little fart and made a ironic “oups” face when it comes out, settle down comfortably on the seat crossing your legs and reading as you pee a big stream as it feel so good to pee but now it’s time for the big event as you start to push and grunt, turning your head a few time looking behind you in the bowl smiling and teasing your target who apparently is terrified but you also hope he like the view of your big behind. Keep pushing and reading as finally it start to come out “it’s coming” you said while pushing as finally it splash down in the shitter “oh thank god finally” you said rolling your eyes in relief, you look in the bowl again and making a “oups” face again giggling about your is on his head and complain about the smell but you have more to finish him off…keep pushing until more comes out, covering all his face and him for good…what a , by brownies …when you are sure to be done you put away your mag and get your phone and get up and take a picture of your bowl (while showing your ass to the camera) and sit back down while sending it to the cleaning service of your organisation telling them they need to come clean it and take the body as you can wipe and leave.”

Special For You:  Day after my bday shit jazlana ($19.99 ScatShop)

Mycelium_Mother – Femme Fatale of Feces

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