MessyGirls – Morning Of Messy Diapers ($14.99 ScatShop)

I was up before Jessie this morning just chilling out and flicking through a magazine. We only had a couple of diapers left and were going to use them when we went out tonight. As I read my tummy starts to churn, and I feel gas building up inside me. I know I need a really big poop!

I could have gone in the bathroom but I’m feeling kinda sexy and would love to feel a big mess spreading over my butt cheeks! I creep in to Jessie’s bedroom to try and find where she’s stashed the diapers. She’s still sleeping so I quietly look in her drawers and cupboards till I find them.

As fast as I can I go back in to the lounge and wrap a thick white diaper tightly around my butt. It feels so good, and I really need to go now! I begin to mess the diaper. At first I just relax until I can feel it starting to come out, and then give a few pushes. I can feel the poop pressing against the back of my diaper, so I push a little harder until it’s right out. I can feel I’m not done and fart a little. I then begin to push again. Just as I do Jessie appears from the bedroom! I pull my skirt down quickly so she wont see it, but there’s not much I can do about the smell!

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“OMG I stinks of shit in here!” Jessie gasps putting her hand over her nose. I look at her innocently and pretend I don’t know what she’s talking about!

Jessie isn’t fooled easily though and I have no choice but to tell her I messed one of the diapers. Jessie bursts out laughing telling me how she can’t believe she’s walked in on me in a big messy diaper! I should be embarrassed, but I’m not! I’m actually getting really turned on!

MessyGirls – Morning Of Messy Diapers

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