KinkyScatGirl – Panty Pooping in my high heels ($32.99 ScatShop)

1. PVC Kinky Poo Play-In this clip I start off wearing my unbelievably sexy see-through pvc outfit. watch me fuck my ass til I get some creamy shit and piss to rub all over my body while I continue to shit, finger my shitty asshole and fuck my asshole and pussy with my vibe. Plus a second closer view of the action is also included in this 38 minute long smearing clip!

2. Big Panty Poop And Smear: Casually lounging around in my sweatpants and rubbing my pussy through my pants on the couch. Then I take the biggest shit ever into my panties and sweatpants. I pull down my pants and panties and show the camera my huge poo. I pull my pants back up to go lounge around for a couple hours, and I get so horny sitting in them that I pee in them and then take some poop out of my panties to smear it all over my tummy and inside of my bra. I pull my pants back down to my knees and I take a piece of my poop and stick it in my pussy and finger myself and push it out. I do this twice. Then I give you a nice extended view of my messy panties, body, floor and toilet.

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KinkyScatGirl – Panty Pooping in my high heels

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