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Lately this guy has been coming into the club, getting drinks.. getting dances.. and overall being a real asshole. Plus.. he hasn’t been PAYING for anything!!! When the dances are over and it’s time to pay up he just says “Put it on my tab” … after trying to get him to pay his tab, he starts harassing the dancers and causing a scene.. saying he wont pay because one of the dancers “farted” in his face during a dance.. and we shoved our smelly asses in his face. WHICH IS TOTAL BULLSHIT!!! NONE OF US WOULD DO THAT!! Not only do we constantly refresh we don’t make contact!! Ughhh!! Fuck this guy! It’s time to pay the fuck up. His fake claims about smelling filthy ass and being farted on are about to become ALL to real.. Being a manager of the club I put on a fake smile and apologized.. “How can I… Make up for their bad service? How about you come back to my place and uh.. I’ll show you how a private dance really goes..” .. Like the pervert he is.. he accepts. Once to my place I inform him that I’ll need to tie him up.. you know.. safety concerns, no touching. Which he quickly accepts without little thought.. I tie his wrists, his knees and his ankles to make sure there won’t be any struggling or getting away from his private “dance”.. Lay down! “What? How are you supposed to dance if I..” – “LAY THE FUCK DOWN!” .. with a look of shock on his face he works his way to the ground.. “You like to make false claims about dirty asses and farts just to get out of paying your “tab” huh? Well for the next few hours thats all your going to be smelling is dirty GIRL ASS. Every ounce of air you get is going to come straight out of my little crack here.. and thats when I LET you have any.. or I guess you could just try to suck some out of my asshole while your face is crammed up there. Actually you’re in luck! With all the drinks I’ve had tonight you wont have to suck.. I’m sure I’ll be pumping your nose full of those “Farts” you were complaining about! And you’re going to sniff like a good little bitch while I relax on your pathetic face and not say a word or you’ll also get to see what its like being a dancers TOILET. GOT IT?!” He nodded quickly. “Good, practice holding your breath while I use the bathroom” … Once done I walk straight back to the living room and immediately take my place and put my ass right on his face.. wiggling around positioning it just right until I feel his nose right up against my asshole.. Mmm.. I feel him sniffing in distress. “Mmmmmhhh”.. A disgusted moan crept out as he sucked all the air he could get through my sweaty panties I’ve been wearing all night. Good thing I was working the bar and I didn’t have to freshen up. That just makes it much more awful on his nose. Not to mention all the DISGUSTING gas I’ve had all night from drinking.. I can’t even imagine how it must be. I rest my weight just a tiny bit more and completely cut off his oxygen. After some time under I can feel him start to panick.. his nostrils sucking against me trying to find air but getting only ass sweat from the fabric of my panties. I lift up just enough to let him suck a few breaths through my panties and seal his nose right back in my ass. I keep his smother torture going off and on. His nose never leaving my ass. He wanted to complain about smelly asses? Now hes really got one. Surely what I did in the bathroom before stuffing his nose up my butt doesn’t help either. His face keeps growing redder.. no end in sight of the smother.. then I feel something build up… “Breathe out”.. I could tell he still had a little air left.. “BREATHE OUT!!!” .. Ensuring his lungs were empty. “BREATHE IN!” (sniffffff) “PFFFRRT” A hot juicy sounding fart slapped against his nose through my panties and sucked deep into his lungs. I sat back down to make sure he couldn’t breathe it back out. Hahaha, theres those farts you were complaining about, boy. I continued this form of torture.. Smothering him. Removing my panties to REALLY increase the smell. Trying to push a fresh fart into his lungs each time I let him breathe just to seal it inside with my ass. Some silent some loud and violent. All of them rancid and awful. Until I pushed too hard, I looked back and saw a bit extra on his nose.. Ooops! Haha smell that, fucker. I acted like nothing happened and stuffed his nose right back into my ass. Spreading each cheek, getting his face as deep as it can get. All of his struggling did nothing but turn me on, his nose against my ass wasn’t cutting it anymore. “Open your mouth” .. he actually said no.. “OPEN your FUCKING mouth!” With it wide open I centered my asshole right over it and let my weight on his face. Creating a seal between the two, and pushed. A hollow wet sounding fart rang inside his cheeks. “HMMMM MMMM” … I think I just sht in his mouth a little! Haha fuck it I pushed harder and another LOUD fart sang all the way down his throat. Mmm.. “Lick it” … thats better. Now with his tongue inside my ass, it seemed the more I pushed, the deeper it went.. but that didnt seem to stop the farts from pouring out around his tongue. I have to say I almost felt bad for him.. key word is almost. The smell… the taste… how humiliating. Exactly what the fuck he deserves. He’s lucky to not have a mouth as a strippers toilet right now after those fake embarrassing claims. He’ll be paying his bill too, unless he wants this video around the internet.

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