Goddess Kink – Massive POV ($15.99 ScatShop)

Filmed from two angles including crystal crisp & clear video from underneath giving you the very best Toilet Point Of View video. If this video doesn’t make you feel like YOU are actually under me with your mouth open to receive my body’s thick & creamy waste directly from my shit hole NOTHING will!

It’s like you are actually there as I lean in and talk to you through the toilet seat seductively. My beautiful voice and foreign accent luring you deeper and deeper into submission for me. You feel your heart beating in your chest and butterflies in your stomach as I turn around and lower myself onto the toilet seat just above your face.

You can’t help yourself as you are mesmerized by the amazing sight of my manly asshole right above you as you inhale my strong anal scent deep. You open your mouth as I encourage you. As my thick & creamy turds slither out of my expanded shit hole into your mouth you savor the strong taste of my shit while listening to my seductive voice encouraging you to swallow my shit as I keep on shitting and filling your mouth.

You can’t help but be amazed at the massive amount I’m shitting into your mouth and over your face. You have never seen any man shit this much in your life, you are indeed getting a huge meal from me to consume baby!

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I remain seated as I wipe my shit hole, showing you the shit smeared toilet paper before encouraging you in my seductive foreign accent to open your mouth so you can eat my nasty shit smeared toilet paper too.

You simply don’t get better Point Of View Toilet Slavery videos than this one, filmed from duel angles to ensure you can feel like a spectator watching someone being fed AND feel like the toilet being fed yourself at the same time!

Goddess Kink – Massive POV

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