Daily dookie – 10/9/20 POOP COMPILATION starring in video xxlustihoodxx ($8.99 ScatShop)

Welcome to my FIRST ScatShop video! I’m still working out filming areas, sound etc., but I thought I’d share this with you nonetheless!

Daily Dookie is my first endeavour. To film all poop relief through out the day, multiple sessions where this occurs, to give you the the ultimate climax compilation of EFRO each day (as my body allows). In addition, I will add the diet of the day before to give you an intimate insight into the making of each clip.

These videos are all natural based, on my personal desperation.

What a way to start! 4 shots of relief, 4 climatic clips for you to enjoy.

Yesterday’s diet – black bean vegetarian stir-fry, McDonald’s cheese burger (naughty!) and a healthy home made chicken burger.

I decided to be quieter through the 2nd-4th clip, to allow the sticky sound of it hitting the cling film… and because my housemates had woken up! (Naughty girl!)

Special For You:  Shitting with love - Nicole, Chimeny [969 Mb / FHD-1080p]

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