The boys need their Ambrosia for the big breakfast feast tomorrow! It’s my job to provide this for them, but I really have to pee and I just want to use the toilet!! I beg.. Coach isn’t haven’t it, and blocks my attempt to gain access to the toilet with his foot holding the toilet lid down. He tells me to get into the tub and begin filling the bottles full of my fresh pee for the boys! Reluctantly I do what I’m told and begin filling the first bottle. Oh no! I only filled halfway! I am told to drink more water and try again in an hour.. coach is not pleased. I take an hour to drink more water.. it’s starting to hurt now! Omg, my belly is bulging so much, I really need to use the toilet but he refused to grant me mercy! How humiliating!! With round 2 I am able to fill the rest of the bottle and almost start to overflow it! I have to quickly grab another bottle, clenching my pussy to keep my pee in until I have the second bottle ready. Ok, the lid is off, I can pee again! Oh no, not enough! We need to go for a round 3. Another hour later and 34 more oz of water leads me to take 3! I’m so horny at this point, I masturbate while peeing, so fucking hot!! Will you masturbate and cum with me? How much pee do you think will come out of me this time? Will I fill the bottle? Overflow it perhaps? Hehehe come find out and have some sexy water sports fun with me!

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TrixieSquirts – Desperately Begging, Filling Bottles with My Pee

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