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Uromania 1 (1999/DVDRip)

Uromania 1

A feast for all urine fans! Attention, this film is an absolute must for all who love watersports and wet themselves. 6 extreme erotic stories about the finest pissing-games. 7 horny waterrats, who show their special desire free and easy. Sober or drunk, they skirt anywhere and everyone. Some burp, fart and grunt like ´pigs. Even assfucked they can piss. Who loves piss…will be rewarded here…enjoy!

Original Title: Uromania 1
Country: Germany
Release Year: 1999
Studie: Multi Media Verlag
Director: Fernando
Duration: 115 min
Cast: Karina, Diana, Elvira, Beate, Biggi, Ramona & others

Uromania 1


Multi Media Verlag

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